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Do you think checkered shirts look good with denim jeans?

Asked by sheetalstyle (16points) September 15th, 2010

how do you like it

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Yup they do, especially if the shirt is fitted :)

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If you’re a cowboy

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Sure, why not. Jeans go well with just about anything.

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Jeans go well with anything @Pandora said.

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Checkered shirt and jeans is a nice casual look for this time of year.

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It depends on if you live in Kansas.

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It is not something I would wear, but it looks fine.

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You probably do not remember the tv show Hee Haw back in the 60s. it was recorded in Nashville at WLAC television studios. anyway, of course plaid shirts and blue jeans go together. this was one of main features of the Hee Haw show. everyone wore that combination.

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I like jeans and a plain, white shirt, but a checkered shirt is fine.

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Absolutely. :)

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How big are the checks? Great huge ones aren’t appealing to me. When I see a person dressed like that I think of Brawny Towels and Dinty Moore stew and Paul Bunyan and “The Lumberjack Song”, though, so…

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My boyfriend just left wearing just that outfit. It was hot. :-)

But of course, it always depends on the type, fit, and color of everything.

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They do,but I like a plain white shirt…wooof! ;)

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