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Exercises for losing thigh fat & love handles?

Asked by hellomynameisagnes (15points) September 16th, 2010

what exercise is good for losing weight or fat on your thighs and arms and lower waist (love handles)?

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You can’t spot reduce. You can do exercises to tone those muscles, but only aerobic exercise will burn excess fat. That and cleaning up your diet.

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A healthy diet and exercise can change the way the body stores fat, but the only reliable way to lose it anywhere on the body is by burning more than what is stored overall. So, any exercises that burn more calories than are eaten are best.

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It’s all about your diet and lots of any type of aerobic exercise. Jogging, biking and squats is where I would start. Lots of squats and eat whole foods you prepare yourself in small regular meals. Think of your body as a machine that needs maintenance and the quality of the fuel you consume will reflect on the overall fitness of that machine.

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Best exercise is the following. Place hands on table and push, you in your chair, away from food. Diet is the answer to lose fat.

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Swimming and rowing. And running. And good diets. And sit-ups.

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For long term success first concentrate on building muscle strength and general physical fitness. Losing the extra fat is important also and as you become fitter and start living a more healthy life style, the extra fat will slowly decrease. This will not be quick or easy but well worth your efforts.

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I’m a big believer in weight training and floor exercises, but no situps. They’ve been proven ineffective. Muscle uses more calories and so the more muscle you build the slimmer you will be overall.

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Try doing alot of walking or hiking, especially up hills (the steeper the better). Try stair climbing as well. Lower your simple carb intake as well.

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