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The logistics of werewolves in space?

Asked by Emerson (67points) September 16th, 2010

Hi all,
I’m planning on writing a short story for my fiction class revolving around the idea of werewolves in space. Unfortunately, I’m not very well versed in werewolf lore and I’m not exactly sure how the particulars would work out.
Would a werewolf immediately transform as soon as it got to space? I’d like to use the catchphrase “It’s always a full moon in space!” Is this true/applicable?
My idea involves an astronaut being unknowingly bit by a werewolf and he transforms while on a shuttle to the international space station. He eventually eats everyone and is left alone in space to die of starvation.
Questions/comments/concerns? The story is only supposed to be 10–20 pages so I’m not super concerned with exact details and such, but it’d be nice to hear some suggestions on anything.
Also, I’m looking for a title for this story as well. I was thinking about something that subtlety suggests the theme while not giving everything away. I’d like it be one of those “Or” titles, where the story has two names and have the second name be “It’s always a full moon in space.”
Thanks for your comments, everyone.

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Its your fiction. Don’t worry about werewolf lore. 90% of it has been made up by Hollywood, anyways. Write what you want. That’s the whole point of fiction.

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@Emerson I think I lurve you.

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There are different kinds of were-lore. Some don’t require a full moon for transformation. Pick and choose what works for you! And make up the rest! That’s what’s so great about fiction. :D

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Well, there will be times when the earth is between the moon and the space station or shuttle or whatever. Although, if you were in a polar orbit, you might be able to always see the moon.

If I were you, I’d be more concerned about character issues, though. Does the astronauts personality show through his werewolf nature? Does he struggle with himself? Has he lost his capability for rational thought? Does he know he is destroying his chances at survival even as he eats the others? Does he struggle with cannibalism issues?

I mean, what is the emotional or characteral (it should be a word!) conflict here? What will get learned?

If you get that stuff right, no one will give two shits about the logicality of your scenery.

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“It’s always a full moon in space!”

I think a lunar-sensitive werewolf on the ISS would cycle 16 times a day when the moon is full.

The shuttle and ISS are only about 200 miles up, and they orbit Earth every 90 minutes.

They would see the same waxing and waning moon we see. Except the view would be blocked 30 (? I am guessing) minutes out of every 90.

1140 minutes in a day / 90 minutes = 16 cycles per day

I think. If I got it wrong hopefully someone else can explain.

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Sounds kinda Ruff. If you don’t know much about the main subject in your book, you may be barking up the wrong tree. Perhaps you should luna thing or two about them before you attempt a project lycan this.
I honestly don’t know what’s gotten into me tonight, or were my mind is.

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@boots there is plenty of werwolf lore and making it up will not make your book sell more just because hollywood don’t give a crap dosen’t mean you don’t have to.

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@92elements The OP is asking about werewolves in space. I don’t think it really matters what lore they use so I recommended imagination instead of tired old cliches.

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@boots then why use werewolves aren’t they a cliche in themselves? why not sharks in space? if you don’t want to follow lore don’t call them werewolves
OP said “It’s always a full moon in space.” so i think he is asking about lore and how to get it to work in space

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@92elements Yeah but…. where in space? Who sayshe needs to hang around here? Wha if they’re in a sysem with multiple planets and multiple moons? How close would you have to get before the effects were noticealbe? Or would they be? Maybe only certain moons with certain elemets in them would have an effect.
Like a moon with kryptonite vs a moon made out of iron, or nickel.

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@Trillian well i think it has to do with the effects of the moon on the earth at full moon there are more charges ion particles in the atmosphere maybe this is a trigger or simply a genetic response to the light of the moon. similar to wolfs in the wild.

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This is a 10 – 20 page fiction story. Exact details are not necessary, nor are “sound” werewolf ideas or science per se. It’s a fiction story, werewolves are fiction, and the OP just wants a few variable ideas. I suggest sifferent effects for proximity to moons of differing composition. Like Io is all ice, right? (Is it Io?) So maybe some sort of rabies type fear of water. Another moon could be a heavy element, so some sort of “earthy” response or transformation, or an earthy counter to the condition.
I’m not trying for scientifically correct, just various ideas for the outer space angle.

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