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My son in Pittsburgh needs a cheap apartment in Oakland , or a roomate to share with ... Anyone know of any in cheap apartments in Pittsburgh ?? Help?

Asked by msbooger (36points) March 28th, 2008

He needs help… his roomates kicked him out for next year

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how old are ur son? you should let himself to do his own thing.!

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I am helping him find one from here… He is 20 and a Sophmore at Point Park university… He doesn’t have a lot of friends out there and yes he does everything on his own but he is also very busy and time is running out for him to find one this semester….I have been on Craigs list and sent him some to look at but was just wondering if anyone knew of any !!!

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your question asks for apartments in both Pittsburgh and Oakland. maybe i’m not familiar with the area enough, but aren’t they on separate coasts?

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No Oakland is also on the outside of Pitt , very near the city . That is where University of Pittsburgh is

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I know that Carnegie Mellon’s housing office keeps a list of apartment rental listings, and I’m pretty sure if your son calls them or stops by he could get a copy (even though he’s not a CMU student). It wouldn’t surprise me if Pitt and Point Park had something like that too, so he might want to check them out.

Those listings are great, because the people who list their apartments there are usually looking for students to rent them – they’re reasonably priced, and the landlords are used to renting to college students.

The Post-Gazette also has apartment listings in their classifieds, and they’ve got a pretty nice search engine on their website to find them.

Otherwise, Craigslist is probably his best shot – I know there’s a lot of houses with pretty cheap rental apartments in them in south Oakland (south of Forbes), so Craigslist or the Post Gazette are probably the places to find them.

Good luck to your son!

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Thanks alot for your help !!

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