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What were the circumstances where you met your best friend?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) September 17th, 2010

How and why did you forge your friendship?

For extra credit :), do you have a theory about how friendships are made?

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My best friend is my wife.

We met at a Denny’s in Sherman Oaks, CA, on our first date.

We forged our friendship by going out on many dates, and we did this because we were both looking for a lifelong, committed, and monogamous relationship.

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This is a really good question. I’ve had two best friends in my lifetime, one who I am no longer in touch with, the other I am – but can’t really say we’re still best friends in the classic sense.

I don’t have a theory, per se, but I need the extra credit – so I’ll give you two of my favourite quotes about friendship – which are humourous, and to me, truthful.

A friend is someone who knows all about you – and still likes you.

A friend will help you move; a best friend will help you move a body.

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One in high school, the other in college.

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One was Kindergarten….the other was sorority rush.
Glitter lip gloss was involved in both.

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One in middle school and the other at a job I had. They don’t live near me any more. ;(

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We forged our friendship because it was the second day of school and a big group of people hated me, and they had already hated her the year before, so we teamed up and became friends. We make a joke sometimes that our friendship was based on mutual hate for other people.

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I have 4 best friends I have had who were each an important part of my life at various stages of my life. Each friendship was forged on the similarities of interests we shared and the experiences we had together. We also shared our hopes and dreams and supported each other during the trials and tribulations of the day. Only a best friend will fulfill these needs and expectations and I am fortunate to have had real great friends. I miss seeing them too!

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I met my best friend in high school – the one that still is my best friend. I was first friends with her sister who was in my grade, my best friend was a grade or 2 below me. My best friend before that i also met in high school, but we’re not really friends anymore.

I don’t remember how or why we became best friends (my current one). I think she just started talking to me and it went from there.

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She was admiring my behind while I was playing pool at one of my local pubs, to her embarrassment, her friend came over to tell me what she’d said “I’d love to see him in his shorts” so happily I obliged! :-/
Friendships are made because of a mutual admiration for each other I would say & this still stands us both in good stead to this day. ;-)

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My sister and I met in high school during sixth period drama. I think our assignment at the time was to do a Mirror Exercise in pantomime. We didn’t talk to much that year, but over the next couple of years we began writing letters to each other. I introduced her to her current boyfriend (who is a close family friend) and she ended up being more like family to me than a simple friendship.

My other close friendship, I met the guy during my second year of university under what were Very Strange Circumstances (I’ll spare myself the embarrassment and just mention that I absconded his e-mail address and struck up a conversation with him online.)

The friend I have had the longest is my friend from second grade, but we aren’t any where near as close as the previous two friendships I noted.

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We met in a college metal sculpting/jewelry making class. He was the secretive and talented metal-rock guy and I was the secretive and talented punk-rock girl, our teacher thought we would be a charming couple and went about putting us together on projects and field trips.

Our friendship was forged mostly out of joint curiosity surrounding our projects and the environment fostered by our teacher of jockying for favortisim (we’re both very competitive). The teacher threw a party and my best friend and I got to know each other’s more humorous and social sides, we clicked and were inseparable thereafter. We did end up forging a business together and also a marriage.

My thought on friendships? For me they’ve greatly been about inspiration, reciprocal respect, admiration and support.

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Well, I met my husband at a 4th of July party. He was playing Fleetwood Mac songs on the guitar. Yay, a party full of church-friends and someone actually knows what real music sounds like!

My closest girlfriend and I met through Craigslist. She had an ad up looking for a kid to watch for extra money. She looked like a nice gal, and stepped completely outside my normal shy, secluded, antisocial self and sent her an email saying basically “I don’t need child care, but our kids can play together. Wanna hang out?”

We met at the zoo the next morning, and the rest is history.

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I have 2 best friends, and met both of them together when we were all at college, 24 years ago. I ended up marrying one of them but I’m still just as close to the other.

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I played college basketball with my best friend.

Friendship is about good chemistry between two people. Either it’s there or it’s not. Good friends never keep score. In other words, I called him last, it’s his/her time to call. When we take trips together, I buy the lunch and could buy the next one. He/she does the same. Also, nothing he/she can say that hurt my feelings because whatever they say, it’s for my benefit..even if I don’t like it.

My best friend’s wife had a very bad car accident and we got up at 2am in the morning and drove four hours to be with them. He would have done the same.

Also, we have the same interest! We play a lot of tourn, golf together. Do some traveling together.

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Not my bff, but a good friend. She and I made eye contct and rolled eyes at the same thing a few times. This was before it was illegal to do so. We spoke a couple times and decided to share rides to work. I hadn’t known her two weeks. She was leaning across her back seat from the passenger side, holding herself up on the back of the passenger seat. For some stupid reason, I flipped the button at the bottom of the seat causing it to flip forward. It dropped her like a tree. She went straight down acoss the back floor board. I was horified, but it struck me as hilarious. I started laughing and could not stop. I had all these things ruinning through my head and wanted desperately to get it under control, and could not. Then she laughed and it was ok. We were great friends and went to the same duty station for the next one as well.

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We sat next to each other in choir in eighth grade. We agreed on all the songs that we didn’t like and all the people that we didn’t like! And it has been that way since 1977.

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I met my best friend in the first grade.We had sort of a fight,I destroyed his shirt.Our parents were inside principal office,we started to talk and that was it,since that fight we’re best friends.

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My best friend and I met each other at a pre-college orientation and got to know each other more Freshman year – we were going to organize a study group together but no one else showed up and we laughed our asses off for an hour, just the two of us. We were the most unlikeliest of friends, they thought – he was a pious Muslim and I was a crazy Russian – it’s been almost a decade and we’ve been inseparable.

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I’m 10 or 11. I was late to my forth grade class one day that just happened to be the day that my class was taking a field trip. So I had to sit in the back of another 4th grade class and hang out. During that time a new student showed up to become a part of my class, but like I mentioned before, our class was out on a field trip. When I saw this kid I immediately thought to myself, “Man, this kid looks weird and angry for some reason.” That was my best friend. We didn’t actually become friends until 5th grade, but he’s still my best friend and I still see him and hang out on a multiple times a month basis.

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A bag of weed brought us together.

It was good weed.

Hey, it was the 70’s.

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She was in a baby stroller w/her mother pushing it and I was in another and we’ve been best friends since. (with 20 years off for complex reasons)

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I remember it quite clearly. I was standing on the main road in our town outside one of the local shops when a guy in my class at school passed by on his bicycle. He turned around stopped got off his bicycle and we got talking and we have been friends ever since. This was more than 50 years ago

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We fought daily for a couple weeks in primary school.

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He was everybody’s friend. Lifeguard at the local pool, taught my sister how to swim and taught kids how to skate at the local rink. We were friends for 3 years when he ask to walk me home from swimming one day, then ask me to date him. 7 months later we married. 40 years later he’s still my best friend.

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My then-best friend met him when he spilled a pitcher of beer on her in the Crazy Horse Saloon.
I met him when he came to visit her at my place. That was all many moons ago.

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My only friends in school were wall flowers and underdogs, just like I was. We were members of uncommon religions – or children of foreigners, and usually considered teacher’s pets due to our academic diligence.

As I got older, my friends were those people who were never bored, always full of fun and ideas, usually parents, and usually crafty.

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About 3 years ago, I wandered into a public park, and sitting on a bench was a man wearing a dunce cap, Groucho Marx glasses, nose and mustache, smoking a cigar and wearing Groucho Marx slippers. I chatted with them briefly and headed on my way.

The next day, I went back to the park, and he was there again. We struck up a conversation, and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We are now engaged.

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