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What do you do for a sore throat?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34320points) September 17th, 2010

I gargled with vinegar this morning and am looking for other options to soothe my throat as that method is no fun ;)
Does anyone have any home remedies I can try?

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Vinegar is a new one to me, I always use warm salt water for inflammation. Do you know why your throat hurts, if your throat is sore because of mucus draining, blowing you nose and drinking water can be the best thing. If it is raw, try sucking on a piece of hard candy.

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Gargle warm salt water!

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@Capt_Bloth -Thank you for your suggestions.
I think I have had the flu for the past few days and now my throat is sore,so I am looking for ways to avoid the doctor ;)

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Thanks @chels,I will try that in a few :)

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I have always found that sipping warm tomato soup helps more than anything. The warmth is soothing, of course, but something in the acidity of the tomato soup seems to make the pain go away not only while eating it, but for quite some time afterward. You have to use regular tomato soup though, not tomato bisque or anything creamy. I discovered this once when I was sick and didn’t have any other kind of soup in the house. At that time I didn’t even eat tomato soup, but I was desperate (and hungry) and tried it. It’s been my go-to solution ever since. Tasty, filling, soothing, makes the soreness go away and doesn’t give you a nasty taste in your mouth like cough drops or gargling warm salt water.

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@diavolobella – Thank you,I like this idea :) Tomato soup is a favorite of mine:)

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Vodka and OJ!

I won’t share the ratios

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Hot tea with lemon and honey

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies -I would,but I’d probably try to sing this

-and that’s not advisable during the healing process!maybe if I just stick to Domingo’s part as opposed to doing all three like usual? XD

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Not a gargle but chicken soup (mostly the broth) has antiinflamitory properties and will help soothe your throat.

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@Michael_Huntington -Thank you too! This also sounds good and i just happen to have it:)

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When I get the flu, I like to make wassail. It is like a warm apple cider with lemon and bourbon. I don’t remember if it helps one’s throat, but it has some other great comforting properties.

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Sip whiskey. Anesthetic in more than one way.

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@Adirondackwannabe -Thanks,I will try not to gargle with it as the carrots are a choking hazard!I love the idea,but don’t make me cook! I want to get better,not kill myself! XD

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@Everybody who is trying to get me hammered…Thank you!! XD :)

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Quit inhaling so hard when the casing is being expelled from your rifle!

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@lucillelucillelucille Get a can of Campbell’s, add water and heat. It really helps my throat. The wassail also sounds good. I have a few recipes if you’d like and that’s very easy to make.

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@UScitizen -Sip?? Whaaa haa haa!—ow,that hurt—Thanks for the suggestion though :)

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@stratman37 -I tried it,but I never inhaled giggles

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@Adirondackwannabe -That’s crazy talk!—sounds like a thinly disguised recipe to meeee ;)

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Yeah tea with honey, do that what @Michael_Huntington said :-/

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My mom tells me to gargle with warm salt water

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@Scooby -Thanks,will do! giggles

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@Aesthetic_Mess -Salt water it is! Thanks :)

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My mother’s remedy was to have us gargle several times a day/night with warm salty water with a tiny drop of medicinal hygrogen peroxide. Always seemed to work.

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I usually suck on Halls (not that they actually work, but the constant swallowing makes that dry soreness go away while you’re sucking it), and drink some kind of herbal tea (like chamomile or i’ve heard ginger is good but i’ve not had that before).
Otherwise i just ride it out. Oh, if it’s really bad i’ll get those lozengers (sp?!) that you get for sore throats, that numbs your throat for a short while to take some of the soreness away.

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agree with @Michael_Huntington , and take vitamin C, double dose,
and drink lots of fluids!
Hope you’ll feel better, lucillelucillelucille

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A mug of hot lemonade.
Gargle with very warm very salty water.
A mug of hot chicken broth with a generous splop of Tabasco.
A mug of hot orange juice.

I’m fighting off the onset of a cold and nasty throat myself at this moment, and these things always help hugely.
Here’s a kiss (smack) on the brow from a Mommy to make the boo-boo throat all better.

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@JilltheTooth Hot orange juice sounds interesting. How does it work?

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Zap in the microwave… I just like the way it tastes, and the citrus and acid are magic, I tell you, MAGIC!

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RICOLA lozenges

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Gargle with Jack Daniels and swallow. repeat three times. you should now feel no pain.

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@Austinlad A twist on saltwater ;)—thank you
@NaturallyMe -Got ‘em! TY!
@curlyz -Thank you :)
@JilltheTooth -Thank you! I will drink that magic and like it! XD
@BenDover-Ricooooooooooola! TY :)

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for sore throat and general cold symptoms; get some shrimp Tom Yum from the local Thai restaurant, or hot and sour soup from a good Szechuan or Hunan restaurant.

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@zenvelo ; Oooh, yeah, hot and sour soup. I’ll do that, too!

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@zenvelo -Haven’t thought of that! Now,I just want to go out! XD

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You can find herbal tinctures and sprays at your local health store that are aimed specifically at healing the tissues in your throat. Also, you can use a humidifier at night. If you’re a singer, there are lozenges (also available at health stores) that have slippery elm in them. This is a very soothing herb.

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warmish hot salt water and 2 Aleve.

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I use Cepocal throat logenzes, it has Benozaine which is effective for sore throats. Also sip Chicken Bouillion.

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Persistent sore throat could be strep. If so, you will need antibiotics. Our pediatrician said that if you have a sore throat that lasts more than a few hours after waking, and if you have really bad breath mid-day, it’s a good indicator that you need to have your throat cultured for strep.

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Everclear or moonshine. Seriously.

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