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Is my daughter diabetic with type 2?

Asked by BeanAc (65points) October 5th, 2010

She is 12 years old. She usually exercises 30 minutes a day, but her PE course hasn’t started. Her diet is unhealthy, and she eats healthy food once a day as well as milk. She eats a lot when she feels like it, but sometimes she eats a little and gets full easily. People say she has gotten thiner, and she said sometimes maybe once a day or less she feels a tingle in her fingers for 5 seconds without any pain. She goes to the toilet 3 times a day, has 3–5 glasses of water at the most. No one in our family is diabetic, ever. She Is not white, from Asia but born in America. We took a blood test around spring 2010 and they said she was not diabetic but has high cholesterol, and she feels no pain whatsoever. When she gets only 5–6 hours of sleep, while she is watching tv after a long cold day from school she drifts of for half an hour which happened twice. We haven’t weighed her yet, she hasn’t lost weight she is still the Same. She is growing tall, and do you think she has type 2 diabetes?

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I’m not sure where you got type 2 diabetes out of all that, but regardless, I think you should talk to her pediatrician.

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There is no way to tell without a blood test of her glucose levels.

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I agree with @syz, you should discuss this with her pediatrician.

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You should definitely talk to her doctor about your concerns. From what you’ve written though, it really doesn’t sound like diabetes to me. It sounds like she is at the age of entering into puberty (if she hasn’t already) and could be going through some major changes. If she is tired and napping in the afternoons, she should be getting more sleep at night, 5–6 hours really isn’t enough sleep for a pre-teen.

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I have type 1 diabetes and it is nothing to play around with.One symptom is that you feel like complete shit.
If you suspect that she has it,why would you not take her to a doctor??

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It doesn’t sound to me as though she has diabetes. I have had it for several years now, and those don’t sound like symptoms. Just to be certain, have her tested, preferrably by a physician, although there are a multitude of inexpensive ways available to test for diabetes.

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It sounds like there is something that may be pretty damn serious and most likely will be easier to handle the earlier it is caught. With that in mind, why ask total strangers on the Internet when you should be getting her to a doctor who can actually examine her and who has the training to diagnose things?

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I have type 2 diabetes and that doesn’t sound like any symptoms I get. I would take her back to the doctors and find out exactly what is wrong with her. It may simply be a bad diet.

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it seems to me that you are worrying unnecessarily ! what is the problem with her – sounds quite norml to me !

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Type 2 is extremely rare with 12 year old kids especially when they are not obese. If she were untreated type 1 she would not only lose weight but also have to pee at least 12 times a day instead of 3 and drink far more than 5 glasses of water. She would complain about being thirsty all the time.

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From what I see, your daughter has just entered the adolescence age; that means she is now under the influence of many hormones (female hormones that explains partially her high cholesterol levels). However, try to collaborate with her and convince to eat small, but regular portions of food in order to grow healthy.

If you are of Asia origin, perhaps your diet is “little bit Asiatic”, high in fats which can influence her and/or your lipid profile. Try to make some right changes to the diet and see what happens. Use more fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.

All the best!

By the way: This is the diet I mostly prefer –

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I don’t think your daughter has type 2 diabetes, but she need to change her lifestyle a lot to maintain health. Everyone should need sound sleep for 5 to 10 hours, should not have junk foods (have healthy foods) and have exercise regularly.

Smart diet choices, along with regular physical exercise or activity, can help to control the blood glucose levels, blood cholesterol level and maintain a healthy weight.

Diabetes exercise – increase physical exercise in your daily activity lower your blood glucose level and you feel pleasant physical and mental well being.

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