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What is wrong with my computer?

Asked by Gamrz360 (1008points) September 18th, 2010

I have been experiencing computer crashes all day long and I can’t seem to figure out what causes them. First the computer will freeze then it will shut down all togther. I called Dell and they couldn’t explain what was going wrong, could you please help me out?

I have Windows 7, and I have installed a Virus program called Microsoft Security Essentials.

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Ok, what operating system are you using? Have you installed any new programs? How old is the computer? Have you run any anti-virus/anti-spyware programs to clean up any crap that may be on your computer?

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I got the computer about 4 moths ago.

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Is it overheating?

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@Gamrz360 And all the other stuff?

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@papayalily I added it to the description.

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It sounds like a hardware fault more than a software problem. The usual suspects are CPU over heating, dodgy motherboard or memory fault.

If its a Dell and it’s only 4 months old its still covered by the warranty. Phone Dell up again and get them to fix it.

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I second @Lightlyseared and also want to add that the best time to call support is at night. Usually you get right through.

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and I have installed a Virus program called Microsoft Security Essentials.

Did you install this from a pop-up window?

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No, I bought this apart from the computer at Staples.

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MSE is about equal to McAfee, so a virus is unlikely (though still possible), so I doubt that’s it. Besides, it doesn’t really fit the symptoms. It sounds almost like what my systems did when the heatsink got clogged with cat hair. Of course, I also had similar issues when I had a bad DIMM (memory module) and you really can’t diagnose that yourself without a little knowledge.

In either event, I am with @Lightlyseared on this one.

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Sure its looks like the hardware problem. so contact any service center… its better….

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