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Hey, what happened to http://?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) September 18th, 2010

The last couple of links that I have done have had the http:// prefix replaced by some kind of globe image. What has gone on here?

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Google Chrome? Mine’s doing that too. Maybe the HTTP is implied. After all, who really needs it?

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Yes, there are still too many internet users who say h… t… t… p… colon… slash… slash… w… w… w… over the phone, so I assume Google Chrome decided it was not a priority to always display the http part or the slash after the domain. HTTPS addresses still show up, since some users look for this while entering sensitive information to a web page.

I think it’s an excellent feature to reduce clutter and further simplify the web browsing experience.

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Chrome removed it. I’m a bit pissed since it breaks copy and paste. If you copy and paste a url it adds the http:// back in. Sometimes I don’t want that.

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@johnpowell I would pissed if copy-pasting did not include the HTTP. Including only the domain name and path will not automatically become a link when using Facebook chat, Skype, Apple Mail, and Fluther in some cases.

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@Vortico :: And that is why it never should have been removed.

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@johnpowell I’m all for simplicity and minimalism, so I like this minor feature. It shows Google’s desire for easy computing for the masses.

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Yes I know, what happened to the good old times.

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