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Where's the best cheesecake in San Francisco?

Asked by timtrueman (5748points) September 20th, 2010

I’d prefer that it’s not French Laundry expensive but it’s OK if it’s Apple display adapter pricey.

Bonus points for near the Mission or Marina/Russian Hill

It’d be OK if you listed runner-ups too…

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This is a tough one.

Many people name Zanze’s as the best, but it is not a traditionally dense NY cheescake. It is light and fluffy.

If you want something more traditional you can try Charlies Cheescakes (but it is in San Jose).

Also nominated Buca di Beppo on Howard Street and Gaspares on Geary. (From Chowhound).

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Do they have The Cheesecake Factory out there? If they do, nothing can beat Cheesecake Factory..and they aren’t that expensive, imo.

If they have it there, try 30th anniversary chocolate cheesakecake, Timmy!

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@ducky_dnl They do seem to have The Cheesecake Factory. They’re decent though I would prefer to eat somewhere I’ve never eaten before. heh They definitely have some delicious cheesecake. I’ve not had this one or this but oh my god they look yummy. Also this.

There is Wendy’s Cheesecake Bakery and Sweet Inspiration.

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I can attest that Zanze’s is a great cheesecake, but the hole-in-wall bakery (and baker) have odd hours.

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