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Hassle-free restaurant in San Francisco?

Asked by angus (22points) November 8th, 2006
My parents are coming into town next week. They're wholesome midwesterners who are more than happy eating at diners. I've become a foodie. We've done the whole Del Fina, Zuni, etc rounds in visits prior. Now I'm looking for restaurants that have great food but aren't a hassle to go to (read: fairly easy to get in, easy-going atmosphere). Price is not an issue. I have a hectic week coming up; I want to relax about dinner plans rather than stressing about them.
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One of my favor restaurants in SF is Home at Church and Market It is a california style comfort food resaurant.
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Or you could try House of Nanking in china town. Amazingly cheap food and the best chinese food in SF. Weekends have a long wait but you can sometimes call and make a reservation.
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don't request a menu. The waiter will serve you whatever they think you should eat. And trust me it's good.
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Those are great suggestions... though I don't know if my parents will even do Chinese... any other thoughts?
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Firefly in Noe Valley- very moderate, eclectic gourmet food and not pretentious
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I loved Little Star when I was visiting -- Chicago-style pizza, slightly upscale atmosphere. Really, really great pizza. Yum.
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I second Chow and Home.
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Tartine. Crowded, but amazing euro style food, go for breakfast if you can...
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kokkari is a fairly expensive greek restaurant with an amazing wine collection and a very warm district. very, very good food and you can have greek/turkish/armenian/azeri coffee -- ohhh i see a fluther question in the near. yes to house of nanking -- but not 'easy' be ready to sit, order, eat and leave. a great family outing;) parea or the like on valencia at 19th -- new, organic eats with a middle eastern flava, amazing happy hours i would take the fam to baobab on mission and 19th and country station on mission between 17th and 18th, i think. the former for a unique menu and really fun drinks and the latter because it is ridiculous and you can bang on the tables when the mariachi folks swing-by mission-centric...sorry
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Luella, Bacar, Coco500, Fog City Diner, Chapeau! (the cutest little French place), Incanto and Osteria (wonderful Italian neighborhood place)
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chez spencer (super fancy!), platanos, delfina pizzeria, olivetto in north oakland, goat hill pizza in potrero, chaya (also fancy.) also, one of the tapas spots like chachacha, esperpento, etc.
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