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Gays/Lesbians, how out are you at work?

Asked by Jude (32112points) September 20th, 2010

If you’re out, how do people treat you? If you’re not, how hard is it for you to keep it hush-hush? Or, do you choose to keep quiet and it works out just fine for you?

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When I was working, I was completely out and was treated just like any other employee by 98% of the other workers. A very few people simply kept their distance from me, but they were never rude or hostile.

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Gay coworker tried and failed to give me a back rub two days ago at work….I think everyone is pretty comfortable…

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There is actually a young man at my work who is gay and out. It’s not a big thing and nobody talks about it because, quite frankly, it is an unimportant detail about him. His absolute love of Lady Gaga is much more important to me. In fact, I didn’t even know he was gay until I met his boyfriend one night when we all went bowling. I’m pretty sure he is much more uncomfortable with any possible overt displays of sexuality than anyone else is. He is very newly out and hasn’t quite gotten used to the idea that he doesn’t have to hide his true nature anymore.

Also, I’m just curious, when you say “how out,” what do you mean? I kinda figured if everyone knows you’re gay, you can’t get anymore out than that.

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Ah, @KatawaGrey typo on my part. I was up at the ass crack of dawn (5) and had night school. My brain is mush.

Should read, “are you out at work?”

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I have been out at every job I have had for the last 25 years. But I work in HIV, so it has always been considered an asset.

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Out in both retail sales and high-level legal corporate environments. It never was an issue.

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When I was working, I wasn’t really out, but I wasn’t really “in” either. I don’t really care to discuss my private life at work, and I hate discussing dating at work, so it just never really came up. I got asked a couple times if I had a boyfriend, and said no truthfully, but didn’t feel like saying “but I have a girlfriend” because then I’d have to talk about it. It’s not really the gay issue, it’s the separate parts of my life issue and the “none of your God-damn business, nosy!” issue…

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I’m out as transsexual and people at work have been wonderful about it. In fact there’s been a few that actually treat me better now than they did before.

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I was out at my old job. Not at this one.

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I’m not that way inclined myself but there is one raving queer in the office who is very open about it. He is hilarious and a very decent guy and he is treated with respect.

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