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Is there a way you can read books online for free?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) September 20th, 2010

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Project Gutenberg has a wonderful collection of classics. If you’re looking for contemporary fiction, I wouldn’t know where to look. I prefer holding a book in my hands to reading off my monitor.

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Online Books has an interesting collection of stuff that is out of copyright and is worth a look.

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Many library’s web sites have ebooks for their card holders.

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Here are a few places… Most of the books you’ll find for free are Classics, but there are some great ones out there!

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trade or swap books with friends or family i do it all the time. i recently got books from my cousin and they were not great but different from what i normally read. its a better way to see what others read. then you can have a discussion after you both have read each others books. just something to consider

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