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What does "Sing Hosanna" mean?

Asked by josie (28668points) September 20th, 2010

When I was a kid in Sunday school (yes, this atheist once went to Sunday school), we sang this cool little song called “Oil in my Lamp”
I have since heard a ska version from the 60’s that is pretty neat as well.
Anyway, there is a line in the song, “Sing Hosanna”.
Who or what is hosanna?

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I think it means praise, or is a word of praise, like hallelujah.

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It is like : “Say hallelujah Brother!”

Or, “Can I get an Amen?!”

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The most popular use of the term “Hosanna” is in the Gospel, when Jesus makes his “triumphant entry” into Jerusalem, as recorded in the gospels of Matthew (Ch. 21), Mark (Ch. 11) and John (Ch. 12). The term has been used for centuries in the Catholic Church, both in Latin and in the various vernaculars, during the “sanctus”. It has also been used in various musical Missas written by composers through the centuries.

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Hosanna comes from the Hebrew “hoshana,” which means “save us.”

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There is a very good lemma on Hosanna on wikipedia.

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I attended a ceremony called the Hosanna Shout in the LDS faith. It was a ceremony to praise God and let him know there was a new Temple being dedicated to him and was about to open to the public. Interesting ceremony.

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I believe “Hosanna” is what the people were shouting when Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem. They wree shouting/singing Hosanna and throwing palm fronds on the ground in front of him. I think.

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