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Can you define an orchestra website?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) September 22nd, 2010

Would this or this be considered an orchestra website?

To me it seems more likely that it’s the second, but then if it’s the second I have no idea how I am going to do this:

Famous Orchestras:
Your favorite instrument will likely, but not necessarily, be part of a traditional symphony orchestra like the one you studied in the Orchestral Timbres class. You should submit and comment on two (2) orchestra websites.

So obviously this is an assignment but if the second link is an orchestra website I have no idea what to write about! But I feel like if I write about the first link it will fall more under the category of repertoire. Ahhh! I’ve asked everyone I know here but the one person I want to ask (the composer of the first link, my brother-in-law) is on a very different time zone then me so I won’t be able to ask him until tomorrow. I would very much like to get this done tonight.

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Is this really all you were given? If so, it’s not very clear. It starts off with “Famous orchestras” them moves to “favorite instrument,” and it’s not clear in what you posted as to why websites are involved at all. My guess is that you’re supposed to be focusing on a particular instrument such as the trombone and how strength in that instrument affects the timbre and repertoire of a particular orchestra, and this in turn might be reflected in the content of their websites, but your actual question about the definition of an orchestra website is irrelevant; that’s not what you’re going to be graded on.
If for instance you chose the Trombone, and in turn looked at sites related to the Chicago Symphony you’d find both the main CSO site and specific sites such as Jay Friedman’s, and recordings featuring the CSO brass section.
from the recordings list you realize that Wagner’s ride of the Valkyries does indeed need a strong trombone and tuba section to have real impact. So work backwards. You go from there to the CSO site and see if that or similar pieces are on the schedule:
Then put it together. Tell us a story about how an orchestra builds strength in an instrument and how it affects their abilities and choices.

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I would think the second link is an example of an orchestra site, while the first is more of a composer’s site. Did the assignment give you any indication of how long a comment they want, or what about? It seems very vague to me.

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The second is an example of an orchestra website. The Philly orchestra is excellent! You can write about who founded the orchestra, why and when it was founded, and the members of it. You can do the history behind the orchestra, the significance of different venues they play at. The New York Philharmonic is another famous orchestra (world famous in fact), and also the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

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