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Why are Rangers Football Club called the Bears and Celtic Football Club called Tims?

Asked by rainbowspirit (243points) September 22nd, 2010

I wondered if anyone could tell me why Rangers FC are called The Bears and Celtic FC are called Tims? I would also be interested in the origins of any UK Football team’s nicknames as well e.g. West Ham are the Irons etc.
Rainbowspirit :o)

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Stockport County were called the Hatters because there was a hat-making industry in the town. It’s why we’re all mad. Luton are also called the Hatters for exactly the same reason.

Lincoln City are The Imps because of the famous Lincoln Imp

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An extensive list of what you’re looking for can be found here. Good question by the way. Me & my mates regularly try to catch each other out with this, especially when we were kids. I won most of the time, naturally :¬)

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Rangers fans are called ‘Bears, Teddy Bears’ after their mascot ‘Broxy Bear’ named after the Stadium Ibrox, in Glasgow. Glasgow Rangers are also referred to as the ‘Huns’ too

Celtic fans are called Tims after an old catholic gang many years ago called the ‘Tim Malloys’

I am from Glasgow btw

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@iammia How’s about a Glasgow kiss shweetheart? :¬P

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@ucme hahaha i might knock your nice hat off sweetie :)

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@iammia True, but it’d probably make my day, punk! :¬)

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