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What websites do you use where you earn points, awards, stickers, badges, etc...?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) September 22nd, 2010

Excluding the obvious (Fluther), what websites have you joined where you can earn stuff for being an active user? What do you specifically earn and how? Is it addicting? Does it make you invest more into the site? What do you get out of it? How long have you been a member? Which one is your favorite?

If the website were the same but didn’t award you anything, would you still be as active on it?

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I love GetGlue. You can be a couch potato and earn stickers for liking stuff and checking-in to TV shows, movies, books, and more.

If it didn’t give you stickers, I probably wouldn’t use it as much, if at all.

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Plurk is like twitter, but they give you “karma points” for being active. However that’s not the reason I prefer Plurk over Twitter – Plurk has a much better system for threading replies and it’s much easier to follow conversations. I’ve been a Plurker for over a year and a half.

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None. And I prefer the old, awardless Fluther.

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@downtide wow there is a site called Plurk?! That is a trip, I made that word up in the 7th grade… my best friend said we had to plurk when our underwear had crept up too high. lmao

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I spend most of my computer time on Fluther because of the quality of the questions and answers.

I used to earn a lot of participation awards on Yahoo Answers, the first couple of years or so. I have several t-shirts, a sweat shirt, a microfiber jacket, refrigerator magnets, greetings cards, a paid trip to Sunnyvale with two nights in a motel, and a beautiful crystal-look trophy, a paid trip to the San Mateo Maker Faire, several advancement certificates, and some stickers. They stopped giving out prizes, and I cut way back on my participation. I was also included in several feature user blogs around the world.

I have received several prizes from WikiAnswers for my participation there, including a beautiful chess set, a lap blanket, and a t-shirt. They also offer Amazon gift certificates for top answerers, but I haven’t won that. Yes, it keeps me coming back.

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I guess . You watch videos and answer questions in order to gain points . When you get enough , you can trade in your points for stuff

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