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Do you know what a tot lot is?

Asked by connect (4points) September 22nd, 2010

Just trying to gather the overall sense for if people actually know what a Tot Lot is…vs another common name.

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It’s a little playground for younger children, usually found in city parks. You also find them in apartment complexes, places like that.

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I have never heard of a tot lot. However, assuming @IchtheosaurusRex is correct, I do know what it is. :) Thanks, @IchtheosaurusRex! You saved me having to look that one up…

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As @IchtheosaurusRex said, a playground. I first saw the term used in FL in the subdivisions I lived in as part of the list of amenities. Pool, tennis courts, tot lot, guarded gate, etc.

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Little kids’ playground.

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I never heard the term (I live in the US midwest for survey purposes). But playground did immediately spring to mind.

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A playground set aside for tots only, with special swings and smaller play equipment, usually surrounded by a fence. In our area, they have replaced the front bar and chain with a solid plastic bar.

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Hadn’t heard of it before, but it makes sense in context.

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The first thing I thought of was what Napoleon Dynamite took off of Pedro’s lunch tray and put in his pant’s side pocket. (But maybe I thought of that just because I saw the movie two nights ago.) I’ll understand if my answer is taken down/moderated.

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A playground for younger kids.

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Playground for under age 5’s.

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I live in Southern California where there are a lot of new housing developments where they distinguish children’s playgrounds for toddlers (around age 5 and under) as tot lots. They also have tot lots at theme parks for the same age group.

And if you throw in some fried spuds, there could be a tater-tot-lot!

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