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Sick, alone, and the power is out and has been for hours.

Asked by delirium (13681points) September 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

I lack candles. Bored. Sick. Sick. Bored.
(I’m seriously tempted to call someone and talk them in to coming over and rubbing my back for me.)

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If the power is out, how is the computer working?

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iPhone, obviously. Doesn’t it say what I posted from right on my question?

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Do you have a battery powered radio and or flashlight? Listening to some relaxing music while reading by flashlight might be fun. Course, the back rub sounds appealing too.

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Too bad you don’t have any candles. A back rub by candlelight would be marvellous, but then a back rub at any time can be marvellous. Hmm, a back rub in the dark might be just what the doctor ordered.

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I have a flashlight somewhere but no radio.

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Oh, ha, ha. Our computer server and power are all connected – when one goes out, they all go out, except our cell phones if they have been properly charged.

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why don’t you take something that will help you sleep and try to pass out. maybe some cold meds if you’re not feeling well, or tylenol PM if you have it. Make some tea if you have or can make hot water and read by flashlight until the meds kick in. i wouldn’t mind that right about now!

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<—— Have baby oil, will travel.

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Oooh! I found candals! I also am sacrilegiously using a Hanukkah menorah! yay!

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Have someone come over. Someone with a solid constitution, preferably. Or filmann. Being alone and sick and trapped in the dark is nothing short of le suck.

Even better: go someplace else.

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Well, if the power is out for 8 days or less, you should be set!

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Visit a friend or find someplace for drinks, or make your own drinks there.

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Invite some friends over , play drink and Hide and go seek in the dark, That would be fun,.

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@delirium This question was posted 11 hours ago, so I’m sure the power is back on. More importantantly, you incorrectly put the words Hanukah and menorah together.

During the Hanukah holiday, the “Festival of Lights”, he candles are arranged in a candelabrum called a Hanukia. Many people refer to the Hanukia incorrectly as a menorah. The name menorah is used only to describe the seven-branched candelabrum that was housed in the Jewish Temple. The Hanukiah holds nine candles: one for each night, plus a shamash (servant) at a different height.


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The power actually came back on not five minutes ago.

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I’d run a hot bath and turn off the lights and lay in the tub with a hot wash cloth on my face then take a nap! You are sick, don’t expose your friends just because you are bored.

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