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Why is Misty mean to Angel? (Cats)

Asked by sliceswiththings (11661points) September 22nd, 2010

Misty is Angel’s mom. Both cats are around thirteen years old. When Angel gets too close, Misty hisses at him. What gives?

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Is this a recent development or has Misty always hissed at Angel?

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Have you taken them both to the vet? Perhaps Misty is sick.

Or perhaps Misty thinks it’s time for Angel to move out of his mother’s basement, get an apartment, and a job. Oh, wait. That’s my neighbor and her 34 year-old son.

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If its a recent development than, it may be age. Animals will get cranky sometimes as they get older because they generally won’t feel well. I would take her to the vet just in case it is something more than old age.
Could also be he senses she is getting weaker and is challenging her for territory. Cats are territorial.

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Cats don’t always recognize an offspring’s right to share territory. She may be saying get your own territory.

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It’s the mom’s way of saying i’m not mom anymore. I knew people who had like 10–15 cats at a time and that’s how the mothers acted when the kitten grew up. By the way i’m just guessing based off of my observations of these cats.

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Oops I forgot I posted this… this is what happens when I go on Fluther after taking Nyquil.

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My Rosie cat [long gone now] tried to trick her remaining kitten into falling out the window I left open for her as her way of saying “get lost” —in the end, she outlived him.

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