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How do you stop you stop your sipster inlaw from coming over every weekend?

Asked by joevip (155points) March 29th, 2008 from iPhone
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Does your wife share your sentiments?

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Take your wife out. No one can visit if you aren’t at home. If your wife feels the same way, you both need to talk to your sister-in-law, and lay out some boundaries with her. Tell her you want to see her, but you need time together as a couple as well. Ask her to call before coming over. It’s a lot easier to turn someone away over the phone than at your front door.

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Act like you’re not home. (o:

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I’m not married I’m asking this for a friend who’s a girl who’s sister ilaw comes over every week and stays for 4 days

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don’t answer her call during the weekends. If she can’t get a hold of you she won’t go over.

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Lock the door and hide!!!

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I have the same problem! They are constantly here and stay for 4 days! They have a key, so they come whenever. Drives me crazy, because I get NO time to myself.

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@baby; why not change the locks? Your home is supposed to be your castle.

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do or say something to piss her off and tell her to get lost.

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