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Who to take the girl or the guy?

Asked by amandaahoch (30points) March 29th, 2008

this past 6 months I’ve recently found i was bisexual and started dating one of my best girlfriends. shes amazing but we split up because i can’t tell my parents and i started dating a boy named ryan. he’s a good kid but he dosent want to date anymore because “he’s not ready for a relationship”. its my junior year and this is the first year my high school is having prom off campus at this really nice hotel. both want to go with me. who do i take 1. the girl im still in love with or 2. the guy who i really like and my parents would be pleased to see. [my parents dont know ive ever had a girlfriend or that I’m bisexual]

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let me pick your boyfriend :D

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Maybe you should start by telling your parents.

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@ perchik – i cant . my family is going through a hard time right my grandmother who were all really close with has recent become wheelchari paralyzed due to a faulty surgery, and they cant take the heartbreak. itd just be easier for me to break it to them later. and im sure ill never have another girlfriend. it was a aone person type thing.

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Are you ready for your parents and classmates to find out that you are bisexual? If you are ready for that then take who you want. These are really decisions that only you can ever really answer.

edit :: I just saw your response. It sounds like you already know the answer. Maybe you could make it look like you don’t have a date and are just going with a friend. If you do go as a couple I wouldn’t be surprised if your parents found out about it.

That’s a tough situation to be in.. Good Luck.

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your heart can tell you what to do. if you can’t tell your parents then do the old switch trick; bring someone to the door and have her waiting in the car or something. now if its the boy that’ll be easy ha.

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Decide for yourself who you want to go with. If you go with the boy, do the normal routine. If you go with the girl, then “officially” decide that you’re going by yourself and/or with a group of friends and then just meet up with her at some point in the evening.

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@ john powell – my classmates already know as well as my teahcer its jus tmy mom and dad who are clueless. lol

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If you don’t see yourself as ever having another girlfriend, then maybe you’re not bisexual? If that’s the case, no point in telling your parents.

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I’m wondering if you are in fact bisexual. You said above that you will never have another girlfriend. If that’s the case, and it’s not something you are serious about, why put yourself and your family through all of this? I think you should search your heart a little more before deciding. If you truly love this girl, talk to your parents and go with her. It would be much better for them to hear it from you than to find out some other way. Either way, it will be difficult for them, but much better coming from you.

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I was raised in a Conservative Christian home for eighteen years. My father told me, on my sixteenth birthday, if I ever came out of the closet he would disown me as his son.

At the age of eighteen I called his bluff. We are closer now than ever before. We have forfeited our prejudices in order to expand our relationship. He still has his solid beliefs and I am still gay but we have learned to respect one another in hopes that our relationship will not deteriorate because of opinion.

Having said that, I chose not to come out of the closet until I was a legal adult and I would advise you to do the same. A lot changes in the years to come and I don’t mean to devalue your orientation or your beliefs about yourself, but, sweetheart you are going to discover things about yourself in these next few years that you couldn’t fathom right now. You could end up realizing you are completely Lesbian by the time you are eighteen or straight.

As far as thinking she’s the only girl for you, you would be surprised how that changes. My fiance (Michael) was not my first love, not by a long shot. The man I loved for years before I would give my heart to another was, in my mind, the only man I could ever love. It wasn’t until I met Michael (after several other relationships) that I realized how much we grow up. Now when I talk to my ex (we are still friends) I can’t help but laugh at myself for thinking he was the man of my dreams.

P.S. Welcome to Fluther

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if everyone at school knows, your parents are going to find out and im sure they would rather find out from you than from someone else. tell them and take the person you love

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