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How do blind people know when to stop wiping?

Asked by FutureMemory (24476points) September 24th, 2010

My dad is going blind. I’d really rather not start wiping his ass for him. Help.

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That is where a wash rag or towelette comes in.

Now the back of the bowl splatter will be your responsibility to take care of.

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More friction?
You know, when it’s clean there is more friction.

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There’s some good answers here.

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As @Randy says, there are good answers in the question he links to.

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There’s a special device you can buy.

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@Randy Thanks! I don’t remember that thread, I’ll check it out.

@wilma Can’t say I’ve ever associated a clean ass with friction. Food for thought.

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You can presumably get a toilet-integrated bidet. Having never used one, I cannot speak for their efficiency.

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when the co-efficient of friction changes

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Try as I might, I cannot view my own bung-hole. I think we all do it by feel. Of course, there’s always the final quality control check for skid marks later.

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I agree with ChazMaz…I would think a moist cloth or towelette would be useful.

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Invest in a baday, then he can use the regular toilet and wipe maybe twice and then go to the baday and rinse off any residue. Then you don’t need to be involved at all.

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well there is always the shower. Even if you don’t bathe every day, how bad can it get?

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They use only toilet paper that’s specially “coded”.

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@woodcutter You do NOT want to know.

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GQ. Mom’s eyesight has degenerated, and she now keeps moist towelettes handy.

Keep in mind, even those with decent eye-sight aren’t careful enough, or there wouldn’t be a reason to have the term ‘skid marks’ when pertaining to underwear.

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Ass end will be dry. Remember this ditty? Toilet tissue toilet tissue is a very good by,
Toilet tissue toilet tissue KEEPS YER HIND END DRY!

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I gotta ask. Do you sighted people actually look at your ass when you wipe? Y’all must have some seriously sore necks after you’ve had one Vindaloo too many.

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@tallin32 You check density on the paper.

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(not to mention color)

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… I’m thinking not color if you’re completely blind. I mean, I have a color identifier app on my phone, but I’m not about to stick the camera lens up me to verify there isn’t any “brown” there.

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