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Can I turn off before reaching a sobriety checkpoint?

Asked by nmguy (528points) September 25th, 2010

Is it legal to take a side street and turn around upon seeing a sobriety checkpoint

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I’m not a lawyer, but I can’t imagine why it would be illegal.

That said, it would provide a great example of “probable cause,” should they choose to pursue.

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Yes, as long as you don’t commit any traffic violations in the process of doing that.
I’ve done it myself by turning before I was in the cone zone.

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My daughter tried that and they chased her down!

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You can turn anywhere you want. Most cops are going to see that as you having something to hide though. As long as you’re not hiding anything, don’t have any warrants, obey all traffic laws and don’t mind dealing with the police, then you should be fine.

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You’re better off not driving drunk.

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they’ll come after you if they see it. If your’e found to be over the limit, they’ll add eluding on too

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Yes, but if I were you I’d then find somewhere to park for a bit really quickly like that was your destination all along.

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I’ve seen someone do a U-turn on a one way freeway and not get caught…up in Canada

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@talljasperman So they were just going against traffic? And they didn’t then die?

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You can but they’re usually looking for stuff like that. It’s a big red flag.

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I’d say the smartest thing you could do in that situation is slam on the brakes, sit there for a bit, then do a 180 and floor it. Turn off your lights too, just to make sure they don’t see you

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Speed up and blow right past them without stopping. As you pass, yell out the window, “I’m not think as you drunk I am!” They’ll laugh at the joke and forget all about you.

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It is legal for you to drive in any safe and controlled manner while observing all traffic laws.

Regardless, you can still find yourself pulled over even if there’s no good reason. Especially if the cops have to invent a reason:

The local sheriff’s office had established the signs as a “ruse” to direct motorists to exit off the highway after viewing the warning of the upcoming DUI/Narcotics checkpoint.  In fact, there was no checkpoint further down I-40.  Instead, the sheriff set up a checkpoint at the end of the ramp of the first exit available to motorists after the posted signs, an exit not frequently used since no services were offered at the exit.

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@papayalily right…the person is still alive…but I’m no longer talking to him..he likes crashing his car and flattening the tires to avoid arguments

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@talljasperman Does he make a lot of money to pay for all these repairs.

Probably a good choice. Friends who risk your life aren’t really the best.

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lol Sure. I bet they won’t notice, and you won’t see some red & blue lights behind you.

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@papayalily yes he does… but he has his insurance cover it

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I don’t think it is, but if you’re intoxicated it’s probably a bad idea, considering this would probably draw more attention to yourself rather than just trying to drive through and pretending to be sober.

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