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Why is everything being moderated?

Asked by cheebdragon (20428points) March 29th, 2008 from iPhone

what happened to “freedom of speech”? I
can understand removing content that has “bad” words but why are things being removed that dont have anything bad in them?

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Guidelines Read them. Know them. Love them. Chances are all these things you speak of being removed didnt follow the guidelines.

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“Freedom of speech” is in a democracy. The internet is not always a democracy.

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Cheebdragon, you can edit your response to add to it so you do not have to post back-to-back.

Uberbatman provides the perfect information necessary to productively contribute to Fluther.

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I like posting back to back, it adds meaning to my life….

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I would edit my response if I could but
it won’t let me once the page refreshes on my phone, but I’ll keep that in mind….
so the answer to my question is baisicly “if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all..”

Response moderated
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Everything in the world is being moderated because of the “concerned parents” that don’t like if their children hear/see one bad word. Which in the end is just a waste of time…

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Also, if it seems like there is a sudden increase of moderating on Fluther it is because there is (thanks to the iPhone WebApps highlight) a rash of new users – thus ups the amount of unacceptable questions/comments. Also, many of these new users are just making random comments for a quick laugh or whatever they choose to do as they “try out” the new apps (and I am sure they won’t last long – either kicked out or they move on when the excitement wears thin for them).

When America’s forefathers were considering Freedom of Speech, I am sure they didn’t consider that we would ever have endlessly repeating questions and asinine comments on Fluther to deal with!

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There is no “right” to use fluther. You chose to use Fluther and in so doing, you agreed to a set of guidelines for use (as uberbatman points out). Removing comments or questions is not an infringement on your free speech rights because you can go ahead and start your own website where all those 14 year olds who think they understand the world can go and post all the snarky, one-line, utterly self-centered comments they like.

You can call it

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14? I haven’t been 14 since 1993,
I’m sorry freedom of speech was not the right word, freedom of opinion and thought would have been a better term to use,because god forbid anyone give their honest opinion about anything, if its not the “popular” opinion of the masses you better get ready for everyone to bite your head off and or flag you. And it becomes a witch hunt all the sudden! And why????????
all because I gave my honest opinion and defended the public school system, while everyone else was saying how horrible they teach foreign languages because someones friend took 2 years of french and didnt learn anything, but I think that anyone who took 2 years of French and didnt learn a damn thing probably has a learning dissability! And they deleted my
comment as if it were 1984.

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cheeb, my comment wasn’t directed at you…my apologies for not being clear. I think, in general, the influx of new users who tend to be younger and less “worldly.” Fluther is trying to grow but also maintain its essential quality, which means strenuously moderating so that this doesn’t turn into just another chat room. Remember the underlying purpose of Fluther is providing good, quick answers to questions that can’t be easily googled or looked up on wikipedia. Certainly, there will be some amount of “opinion questions,” which leads inevitably to snark and insults, but I know that Fluther is trying to hold the overall number of those kinds of comments down to a minimum.

If it feels too over-moderated, its only because the community is struggling to define itself.

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When you own the printing press, you get to decide what gets published.

When you pay for the bandwidth, you get to decide what’s online.

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brilliant insight cwilbur, truly brilliant!

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I’m new here, but certainly not a youngster. I’m a immigrant from Askville. lol
I appreciate the editing of stupid answers/questions. But, I am SO tempted to try to get something removed by a moderator…
I’m just a rebel at heart…a worldly one tho.

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