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How do you keep breasts perky as you age?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) September 27th, 2010

I am somewhat blessed with little more then a handful. As I enter my forties I see them not as perky. Can I like wear my bra more to defy gravity? Do some exercize? or it is inevitable? Are you blessed? I suppose alot of women on Fluther don’t have that problem.

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oh no hunny I have a similar problem and im in my 20s!! if you find an answer please let me know haha

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I am 26 years and a mother of two children – my breasts are DD and sag for a reason. I don’t think there is anything to do about it because nothing defies gravity nor should we care for them to stay perky. I give myself grief about ‘em sometimes but then I remember how stupid I sound and continue to decondition myself from society’s claims to what my body should look like.

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Short of a bite from a vampire, it seems to me, as a casual observer, that there is little a bra can really do.

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my mum told me when I was a teen to always wear a bra to keep them from sagging. even to bed! but no, apart from cosmetic surgery, your’e stuck . sorry about the double post my computers acting wierd

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I’m 52 and have that problem. Very odd with me though, I wasn’t “blessed” until I was in my late 30’s. I was almost flat and now…. well, they are too big in my opinion.

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@wundayatta : Support. Keeps them from falling down and messing with the waistband. Helping one pretend they’re not knee-length. That’s what a bra can do.

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Only surgery. This is like asking how we can stop aging.

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@JilltheTooth ::snorts, laughing::

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Would it help to hear we have things that aren’t as firm either, so we don’t mind if you do the same? Until I got to Jill’s answer. :)

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Nothing. You simply realize that men are pigs (more than you did before).

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I’ve taped mine serval times, and it works.
But Im 23 and I thought that by losing weight, the massive boulders would go. No I was wrong 85 lbs lost, and two cup sizes bigger. Society lied to me by saying that’s the first place to start losing.
But if a miracle is out there I will be in line.

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What is worse ! One of breast is bigger then the other. It wants to go south first. LOL

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Surgery/implants. (-;

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@Frenchfry it takes a lot of money to defy old age, just look at all the actors/actresses. But in the end it will take its toll anyway. Learn how to grow old gracefully, embrace what life has given you, and enhance what you can. Old age is not for sissy’s.;`)

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I worked for bra companies, and so I know a little more than average about breasts, while not being a doctor. First, the connective tissues in the breast, once stretched can not be repaired. We can exercise a muscle back into shape, and indeed there are some supportive muscles in the breast, but mostly saggy deflated breast are not that way because of the muscles, but because those tissues and skin are stretched. So having smaller breasts generally helps, staying constant in your weight helps, wearing a supportive bra helps a lot.

About bras, the wire should be laying on the chest wall, not digging into your breast. Most people wear the wrong size, and the mistake is typically they wear the wrong back size, which is the number, not letter of the bra. If when you raise your hands above your head and then bring them back down you have to adjust your bra, your bra back is too big. If your straps constantly fall down, your back size is too big. Many people are walking around in 36B and they are actually 34C.

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What did one saggy tit say to the other saggy tit?

If we don’t get some support soon, people will think we’re nuts!

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Well into my 30’s then they were great, kept up with pushups and good posture. For a few years I gained extra weight, my boobs grew several times their regular size so when I came back to weight then the skin had stretched to where nothing’s put them back where I want them. I have considered a breast lift not because they have dropped all that much but because of pure vanity and the fact I miss being able to be braless and still look great.

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wear a bra to bed every night instead of lettin it all hang out. i personally like ‘em when they hang and flop, but yeah, a 24/7 bra maintains the perk.

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@JLeslie So then do underwires help with the sagging? Or are they just a way to make us uncomfortable?

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Free weights! :-)

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I think a well fitting underwire bra is more comfortable than one without the underwire. Am I wierd, do most of you feel as @papayalily does????

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@rooeytoo I hate underwires. I wore sports bras only for 2 years when I couldn’t find any decent wireless. I just started wearing regular bras again, and cut the wires out the second I get home.

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@rooeytoo ; I’m much more comfortable with an underwire.

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Sometimes I have cut panty liners in half and glued them inside my bra for better support. It works on a very temporary basis.

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@papayalily It’s not really the wire, it is your breast being immobalized. So, take a sports bra, usually does not have a wire, but keeps your breasts in place. Gravity pulls on the delicate tissues I mentioned, and so does any jiggling in general. Wires help give our breasts a desired shape, and can help with the support, depending on the bra, but the most important part is they are not bouncing around and are supported no matter how it is acheived.

If the wire bothers you it is likely you wear the wrong size, or are wearing low quality bras. Good bras really are better. Wacoal is probably the best.

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Look! Cruisers gonna tell us about his boobs!

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@JLeslie ; Sports bras just squish me. Damn, I scared Cruiser away. Sorry.

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@JilltheTooth Yes, squishing is part of the sports bra deal usually. Although, there are sports bras that don’t, but they look like bras, meant to be worn under a shirt. I have one by Wacoal and I LOVE it. I am not squished, the straps are adjustable (many of the sports bras are too tight in the strap, and I start to get muscle cramps in my shoulders and neck).

The squish is just flattening you, it is not pulling on the tissues. I would not wear one as an everyday bra, they are generally uncomfortable after a while and don’t make clothing look pretty, do nothing for the shape of your breasts.

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All I know is my chest looks best if I keep working the muscle groups of the upper chest. Lots of push-ups, swimming, free-weights and yoga will keep the muscles all toned and in shape giving you the best chance for a supported chest appearance.

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@Cruiser ; Pics or it never happened!

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@JilltheTooth This is the Wacoal Sportsbra I am taking about. There is actually extra material to ensure the wire doesn’t rub while doing exercises. Also, what I like about it, is you don’t have to become a pretzel to get it on, you hook it like a regular bra.

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@JLeslie ; Wow! Thanks so much! I do step bench exercising and I haven’t found any goodoptions before. I’ll definitely check this out.

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@JilltheTooth It is medium support, so not really good enough for constant high impact jumping, but I wear it in my zumba class, and is great for total conditioning classes, things like that. I would assume it is fine for step? You don’t really jump up and down in that, do you? I have an old Champion bra that squishes me down, that is good for high impact, but has a more classic hook and eye closure. I can’t find any like that lately.

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My knees become total bitches if I high impact anything, so it should work for me.

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@JilltheTooth I think I bought mine at on sale. Not sure if they still sell it. But, I know exactly what size I am, you might want to try it on? To measure for Wacoal, you add 4 to the measurement around your back, some cheaper bras add 5.

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I’m a leg man myself

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@rooeytoo I hate them all equally.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir heheheh I know what you mean. Although I just tried a new sports bra by Champion, it is serious support for running but the softest material I have ever felt and it wicks too. If you gotta wear one, this is a nice one even without underwires. It is style #2893. I was going to give you a link but I can’t find that style number on their website, don’t know why, but have a look at their compression bras, they are pretty good.

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@rooeytoo I’ll look at it thanks!

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Bras are detrimental to your breasts’ ability to hold themselves up. When you shove your boobs into a bra everyday, they lose they ability to hold themselves up. The tissues that hold them up atrophy. Going bra-free for a few months is supposed to improve your breasts’ ability to hold themselves up. And that’s basically what perky is, right?

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@hobbitsubculture that simply is not true, especially if you have a large bust. Check out cultures that don’t wear bras and then get back to me.

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@JilltheTooth The squish factor is what I like about sports bras. It’s like an insanely comfy boot camp for your breasts. Exactly what they need.

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@papayalily – well said, funny too and I think it is true regardless of size. ga!

@JLeslie – that is so true, I have seen some practically dragging on the ground for real! One lady who seemed to perpetually have a child on her hip, would reach in her top, pull one out and toss it to the babe. Her kids were great catchers. She would always do it in front of me so I would laugh!

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@JLeslie You sure know your bras. I have never spent $62 dollars on a bra though. Ever.Most $40.

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This reminds me of a line from a song I heard once:

“My headlights used to light the way,
when I’d go out to cruise;
But now thy’re pointing downward,
Illuminatin’ my shoes…”

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I’m really good at the breast lifting exercise! :-/
So if any of you ‘Ladies’ (cough splutter) would like some HANDS on tips, you know where to find me ;-) any weekend is fine……
Give me a nudge first & I’ll return the favour Lol…..

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@Scooby totally, I’m with you

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@Scooby When you got Double D’s, pain is beauty.

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Dam right ;-0

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