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What kinds of Fluther questions do you particularly enjoy answering, reading, etc.?

Asked by Kayak8 (16440points) September 28th, 2010

We have been asked what we don’t like or what we think improper, but I would love to hear what other Flutherites really enjoy in a question. What types of questions make you say, “Whoa, that was a really good question!” or “Man, I always wanted to know that too!”?

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I like at least perusing almost all of them, except the tech ones. (I don’t usually know what they mean). I won’t answer them all, but I like the polls, the philosophical ones, the debates…just about anything. I guess I’m the neighborhood “easy girl”

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I enjoy questions about books. It’s not easy to be offensive when the question is about books, unless it’s the Bible.

I like questions about places around the world. I had the good fortune when I was a young adult to live in many different places, and I enjoy sharing my experience.

I love the questions that I can link information or funny videos to.

To see a list of what I like, you can simply look at my profile.

Generally speaking, I like two kinds of questions. I like the ones that I can answer with an easy, short sentence to share my knowledge. On the other hand, I like the questions that really cause me to ponder my own thoughts. Sometimes in writing out a response to a question, I’ll realize that my gut instincts are not in tune with what I’m writing. I have to revise those and then think some more about the matter.

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I like the politics ones and questions on the existence of a God. I must be a masochist!

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Questions doing with computers, or reading.

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Most, except for “Why doesn’t my boyfriend want to have sex?” “What is your favorite flower?”, political, religious and tecnhie question (you’ve got your techno-tard right here).

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The kinds of questions I enjoy reading and the ones I enjoy answering are in two different categories. Reading: pretty much anything. Answering: anything that I think I can answer or that moves me. And I’ll confess; I’m one of those that likes to follow up with a person that posts a question to see where they now are, if they haven’t reported back.

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ones about space exploration or science

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I like reading questions that I learn something new usually sciencey. Or ones that open me up to a totally new perspective to looking at something.

I like to answer fishy questions cause I usually know the answers and I like being able to help others successfully pursue a hobby that I enjoy so much.

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I’m impressed with and appreciate the knowledge and opinion (and associated logic) of many a jelly, but I like to go below the surface and learn what makes jellies tick so I particularly enjoy questions that ask jellies to share personal experience. The responses are usually fascinating, go far in defining a jelly and provide a better understanding of the real person behind the avatar and screen name and their matter-of-fact knowledge.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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I like homework questions about god and teen relationship questions. Fluther at its best.

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Not trying to confine this to topics alone I would say questions where I could help someone or ones that make me think hard before answering. Philosophy and religion seem to be addicting topics for me.

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I enjoy participating in questions that make me think, open up a new view, allow me to support someone in need… in just about any topic, except technology (I’m a techno-tard, too). I’ll even read some of the technology ones, just to learn something new, but it’s very rare that I can actually answer one.

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I just want to help if I can. So I get excited when I see a computer question.

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I like answering questions about linguistics and grammar, I like answering questions about school and teenagers, ones about homosexuality and current issues, lots of things. But those are my strongest interests.

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