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Do you really feel a need to censor new members?

Asked by Blueroses (18236points) September 28th, 2010

I’m new here and I’ve admitted to being a long-time lurker. Since I joined, thank you all, you gave me 500 lurves before my first week was over. I always thought you were a great community and I wouldn’t want to see that change. Would you really like to put restrictions on new users?

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I don’t understand how your question relates to what you’re asking in your details – we don’t censor new members and it seems like you’ve had a good experience, so far…can you clarify?

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I agree with Simone here; not sure what you’re talking about.

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i too am confused.

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I think you are referring to the question that was posted about making newbies have to go through some sort of process, initiation, or some type of restriction before achieving full fluther membership.

As a mod, I can say that this is not the Fluther consensus and there are no plans in the works to do anything like that.

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Fluther does things pretty much on a peer review basis. If you’ve been lurking around here for a while, you probably have a feel for how things go around here though.

Basically, new users here are mostly self-regulating, and most fall into one of two categories. There are those that are decent, responsible people that don’t need a playpen or curfew and can run around unrestricted from the get-go, and then there are those that cause a lot of problems, start a few fights, and leave in a huff on their own volition.

In neither case is there any need for any formal rules restricting n00bs, or any action on the part of the mods.Besides, it’s worked pretty damn well so far, so why rock the boat?

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Being a new user does not give a free speech pass to anyone. The guidelines are to be followed by everyone.

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Thank you. Yes. It was in response to one post about restricting new members ability to ask questions and then one correspondence with a person about my jumping into topics without observing protical (which I realize is not typical here) that temporarily upset me. I now know that person is a dick. The rest of you are cool.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Carry on!

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I think you hit the nail on the head, @Blueroses – if more newbies lurked before they leaped, they would get a nicer welcome here. I always try to welcome newbs in general, but sometimes they seem to forget that as opposed to regular Q and A sites, this one states proudly as its headmast: Trusted Community.

You wouldn’t walk into a local neighborhood bar for the first time and start mudslinging, commenting on the interior design, getting drunk and behaving like a boor or try to sell something, right? It’s simply bad form, and the locals wouldn’t have any of it.

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@zen_ yes. and thank you. I always try to observe the local customs before “jumping in” . Fluther has been an almost unanimously welcoming site. I would now take back this question because of the great support, but it does only take one (for most people) negative experience to turn off all the good.

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I still think having new users questions (at least the first one) looked over by a mod first is a good idea. That is mostly to prevent spam.

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Any kind of restrictions here is just silly talk!

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And we should restrict silly talk!

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If it weren’t for silly talk, many of us would be silent.

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True for me, because I was being silly.

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Ya thats far too me. thanks.

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Nah, let them follow the rules like everyone else, and if they breach them, then something will be done about it…just like everyone else. I don’t see why we would need any kinda initiation process.

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No. Each user have their own right to answer a question as long as it’s according to the rule here. Their hostility? Yes,definitely.

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