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Do you still use AOL?

Asked by filmfann (45695points) September 29th, 2010

I am quite computer literate. When friends or family have a computer issue, I often help them get things working again.
I have several email addresses on different sites, but the one I always use for the everyday email is AOL. My friends think this is childish, but it is the easiest and most convienient, and I hate announcing to everyone a different email address, not to mention changing website information where people can contact me.
Do you still use AOL and why?

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I do not, but I have a friend and work colleague who swears by AOL and still uses an AOL email address.

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Your friends think it’s “childish”??? Why on earth would your friends think your email provider is childish? BTW, I use AOL email, too…

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I use to love aol but now its become a wasteland and the chatrooms are full of bots, rude people, and people with fake pics and profiles. If some woman has a ton of super hot pics of herself then it’s a sure bet that she is not real.

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I haven’t for at least 8 years now. Once I moved away from them providing my internet connection, I also moved away from their email. I got a Yahoo! Maill account and now I also have a Gmail account, which I love.

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I do because it is the one I first started with and I hate change. I do have a couple of others for other things, such as ordering things, but my main email for business is AOL. And sometimes it’s the only other voice I hear in my house: “you’ve got mail”. :-)

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Stopped using AOL fifteen years ago, used CompuServe before that.

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I still use AOL. Not for much, but I’ve had the same email address there for 15 years… I guess it is a force of habit.

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I stopped using AOL in the 90s.

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I have an AOL account still. I use it because I like the format of it.

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I use it for pretty much the same reason(s) as it is familiar and very easy to use plus I am just too damn lazy to convert all the saved addys to my other e-mail. My AOL account is pretty much for just friends and family which alone is worth keeping the email addy.

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Do you still use a dial-up modem?


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No; don’t think I ever have used AOL.

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Or how about CompuServe.

Talk about the way back machine. I am surprised they both still exist.

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Hotmail addresses had a stigma like that, but today some of my most tech-savvy friends use it because they were early adopters – they figured out early that it would be cool to have a free email address which wouldn’t change if they switched Internet providers. This was pre-Gmail and maybe even pre-Yahoo mail.

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My husband still uses the AOL browser. He’s starting to realize that Google Chrome is a better option (mostly because Myspace has stopped supporting AOL. Yes, he’s still using Myspace, too.), but he’s had the same email address for well over ten years, so I think AOL will shut down entirely before he changes emails.

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If you have a 15-year-old AOL email address, is it now free? Back in the day AOL was $15 or $19 US per month, IIRC

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It’s free now.

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My internet provider is AOL, because where I live, they are apparently the only ISP in the UK capable of providing me with any kind of broadband at all. Everyone else said that dial-up was the best we could hope for. I’ve been with them over 4 years now, their customer support is second to none and every year they drop the price another 25% so I’m pretty satisfied with them.

However I don’t use their proprietary browser (I ditched that after the first week) and I very rarely use the email address – so infrequently I can’t actually remember the password any more, and not bothered enough to go through the password-reset procedure.

My everyday email provider is GMX – I don’t know if they’re available in the US yet; they started off as a German provider and they’ve been spreading out over the rest of Europe.

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