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Want to help write a serious story about the cessation of terrorism?

Asked by Austinlad (16298points) September 29th, 2010

Today’s flurry of terrorist warnings in the news got me thinking how wonderful it would be if for 24 hours, thanks to either divine intervention or an unprecedented wave of human love and kindness, every single terrorist, soldier, criminal and any other person or organization chartered to do others harm totally laid down their arms for 24 hours? And then I thought, mmmm, interesting story idea, that. So why don’t we write that story? I’ll pen the first sentence and each of you add to the story until we bring it to some kind of conclusion. Oh, and I’d really like to keep it as serious and snary-less as possible. So please participate if you can agree to that one little request, or feel free to start another thread writing a satiric version.

On Friday, October 7, 2010, all war, terrorism and other forms of killing stopped for 24 hours.

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Many defense agencies are flooded with top leaders and masterminds of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations turning themselves in.

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Somehow I feel like this has been done, perhaps with some science fictional assistance. Maybe it was a movie with a robot emissary from outer space.
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) and remake in 2998.

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Picking up from @Blackberry‘s sentence:
Their immediate reaction is to throw them in jail and begin the interrogations, but a sharp mind warns against this.

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Often, a strike produces more enemies than it destroys.

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Looking around the lobby packed with every kind of lowlife known to the cops, as well as a few sharp looking guys in suits, Sergeant Willis shouted to his partner, “What the fuck is going on here?”

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Looks like my instructions weren’t clear. I was hoping each person would contribute a sentence or two or even a paragraph to advance the plot, as if it were a short story. Oh well… I tried.

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I’m not good at this stuff, sorry Austinlad :(

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I guess when you said, “I’ll pen the first sentence,” we kind of assumed that’s what you wanted from us. I know I did.

You could try again, and this time write a bit more to set the scene and a character or three and an example of what you want. That would be more helpful, I think.

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There is no international terrorism. Put down the Quality Newspapers and get outside.

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I really didn’t mean to stir up a comment about the press, @Discobitch… I intended for any of us who like to dabble in fiction to cobble together a short, short story on an imaginary day without killing. Sorry I wasn’t clear… in fact, sorry I started the thread.

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