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Do you ever hide food?

Asked by MissA (7396points) September 29th, 2010

For whatever reason…

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No, I don’t. But my sisters puppy does and my friend once had a pet squirrel that did also.

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No, but sometimes I store it on the highest shelf where even my exceptionally tall grandsons can’t see it and then forget it’s there.

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No but my mom does because she’s diabetic and doesn’t want me to know she cheats with the sweets.

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If I want to ensure my siblings won’t assume it is there for the taking, then I will tuck the food in a more discreet location of the cabinets / refrigerator. Otherwise, I cannot think of any reason why I would hide my food.

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Yes. I don’t have a lot of treats. So, the last thing I want to do, is to reach for something I’ve been looking foward to gnoshing on, curled up in a chair with my favorite book-and it’s gone. Some treat-snatcher visitor has come and taken it.

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If I buy I treat just for me (which I don’t do very often) I have to hide it because the kids will find it and eat it.

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Hehe, yes. I buy chocolate on a regular basis and I hide most of it because my kids tend to go a little insane after eating candy. I keep about ⅓ of the bag out on the counter and dole it out 1 piece per day. Mommy gets the rest.
Hey, don’t judge me, if mommy gets chocolate, mommy stays happy! LOL

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Not any more. In college I had a roommate with food issues. I would bring Ho-ho’s back from a visit home. I would get two or three, she would have eaten the rest. I learned to hide those in someone else’s room.

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@tedibear HA! I have the same problem with sodas. Every time I bring home a 12 pack of sodas, I get about 2 or 3 and my hubby drinks the rest. He usually kills the pack in 2 days.

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I was a chunky kid. I would steal a box of twinkies and eat them under my bed, and eat them. I am not that way any more. Thank god.

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I was fat as a kid and teased mercilessly, so I developed some food issues. My mom was a health food freak, so I wasn’t allowed to have junk food, plus she was kind of controlling and critical about the food stuff because I was fat. That didn’t help my mindset, either.

Once upon a time, I used to binge eat and yeah, I hid food. I still feel shame around certain food choices and I race through the grocery store trying to avoid people seeing what I’m buying and, thus, their judgment.

I used to steal money from my step-father (who I generally hated and thereby sort of justified it to myself) and use it to buy all sorts of junk food. I’d bring it home and hide it and then eat the shit out of some Suzy Q’s or whatever.

Once I left the house and started living on my own, I started working on this because I hated it, it made me feel really bad and ashamed. It helped a lot that the only person watching what I ate was me, so the only disdain came from myself. Living with people over the years, I sometimes have the urge to hide a food item if I feel embarrassed about wanting to eat it, but I fight it and keep it out in the open.

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When I had roommates, yes. I don’t understand why someone would eat something they know they didn’t buy, especially eating it all.

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I do, because if you don’t hide food in my house it will be eaten.

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No, but I need to start.

My son just found my Fig Newtons and fed the whole box to himself and the dog. I am not impressed.

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If you like Fig Newtons, try making sugar cookies…topping them with fresh fig preserves. Yummmmmy.

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That does sound delicious. Now I need to find a fat-free sugar cookie recipe.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Me and my dad will kill each other over some fig newtons. Darn, I want some now.

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No, because I’ve been living by myself for almost 30 years.

A little over 10 years ago my wife came by when I wasn’t here and finished off my pineapple(?) juice.

I wasn’t annoyed and I actually thought it was kinda cute.

Besides, if my wife came by for a visit and was thirsty, her health and happiness is more important to me than a single beverage, and I had plenty of other beverages here anyway.

However, it might be different if we lived together, but then I usually buy more than enough of any food item to last a week.

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Only in my tummy…:)

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I understand that when food, unknown to others, is consumed, it has no caloric or carb value. It’s eaten in another dimension, savored like a secret lover…there, but for the taking.

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Yes…..:( I will buy something junkey I know I am not
suppose to have and eat some from the box then
stop somewhere and throw the rest out…like it didn’t
happen. And I don’t even enjoy it because I am so
sneaky about it.

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