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Is there something people do in public that bothers you?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2669points) September 29th, 2010

I was walking down the sidewalk the other day and I glance over and there is a guy peeing on the side of a building in plain view. It bothered me and I was disgusted, some little kids could have seen that or something. Anyway, is there anything that you’ve seen someone do in public that disgusted or bothered you?

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It pisses me off when I’m eating out at a restaurant and some people talk so fucking loud like as if they thought that everyone around was interested in what they have to say.

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Walking. Too. Slowly.

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Spit on the sidewalk. Especially if there are sound effects and it is a big glob.


People who talk on their cellphones when they’re driving. It’s still legal to do this where I live, and it really annoys me, because they’re usually oblivious to other drivers and road laws.

Teenagers who swear loudly and act stupid, trying to make themselves noticed in public by acting like doofuses.

Lazy salespeople in stores who ignore you or who have “sour faces” and a bad attitude.

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Spitting irritates me like nothing else. Another thing that annoys the heck out of me is people speaking really, really loudly on their cell phones. I have nothing against cell phones at all but I feel really hate having to hear other people’s conversation.

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Urinating on the side of a building in plain view is illegal and as you said disgusting.

I intensely dislike the vulgarity of language these days. There is nowhere I go that I don’t hear loud conversations where fuck is used practically every other word. This seems to be true of male and females of all ages. I saw a kid in the supermarket, sitting on the floor bawling because his mother would not let him have a toy so he was screaming fuck you and the mother did nothing. Except a couple of aisles later I saw the same kid ripping the packaging off a shiny new toy.

It is a good word, save it for special occasions!!! (and don’t allow your toddlers and children to use it at all!)

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On a bus in Chicago, there was a guy standing in front of us in red cut-off sweat pants. Obviously, he had no means of manly support and his jollyrod looked as if it was a runaway pendulum. You didn’t want to look at it, but, it was right in front of us. And, it seemed like the longest ride ever.

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I am not pleased with people bump into and look at you like you did something wrong , or not say excuse me.

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Also picking their nose while driving. I am grossed out.

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@Frenchfry What? Gives the steering wheel a nice texture :)

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I can’t stand it when people answer their phones and have full length, full volume conversations in public. It’s extremely rude to everybody else. If somebody calls me when I’m in public, I might answer to let them know I’ll call them back in a few, but I never hold an entire conversation in public. It’s just plain wrong.

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My mom used to HATE it in high school when I drove her car, cause I’d play with my hair at the same time and get hair product all over the wheel and it’d be super sticky.

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Agreed with the cell phone people. I work at a coffeeshop and customers will do entire conversations while they’re getting their coffee. Thus no smalltalk with me. I’ll make sure to talk to those people extra so they have to keep saying “What?” to me and “hang on a sec” to their person.

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PDA… where you can hear lips smacking and shit… ughasdfuuu… Walking down the street naked. Taking shoes off in the library/class, etc. Smoking marijuana while walking down the street. Car passengers putting their bare feet out the window and onto the side view mirror. Smoking. Playing instruments badly… farting in closed spaces.

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Jumping on the cell phone band wagon…why oh why must women use it when in a public restroom?

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Talking on the cell phone, especially if they must be loud.
People will often come by my station, spin the merchandise around, and leave it facing the wrong way. I understand it’s worse over in the clothing section.
Public spit-swapping, variable by location. I don’t mind it so much if they’re out of the way, or a long way off.
Vulgarity in speech – my co-workers can’t seem to go a sentence without alluding to either fornication or excrement.
Talking at full volume in the theater. Occasional comments/explanations I don’t mind. On one occasion, the woman behind me started yammering on her cell phone about the movie, talking over the audio in places. Everyone in the vicinity was after her to shush, but no.
Breaking traffic laws, driving too slowly, tailgating, going around a person waiting to make a left turn.

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I hate when people smoke in public.

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yes peeople peeing around….mostly guys!
When people walk soooo slow and an in a hurry.
When everyone is dressed the same because its something that is a new trend

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Most everything having to do with a cell phone.
Someone standing close behind me in a line

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In high school, groups of friends tended to stand in the middle of the hallways, congesting traffic in both directions. When a couple of these cliques would collide in a crossway, there was next to no hope of getting to class on time.

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Probably 80–90 percent of cell calls would be eliminated if they couldn’t ask, “So, where are you?” or “What are you doing now?”

There ought to be a way to converse without everyone having to suffer through a loud one-side of a cell phone exchange. I’d say ‘conversation’...but, mostly they don’t seem to be one.

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General ignorance or lack of common courtesy. For example, people barging into you making no effort at all to avoid this. People chatting on & on & on…......when blocking aisles in the supermarket with their trolleys/karts. That kind of stuff.

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I agree with @MRSHINYSHOES about people constantly swearing loudly in public. It’s not big and it’s not clever!

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CELL PHONE talkers. People that park their shopping trolley right in the way, or stand there next to it on their CELL PHONE

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The first thing that came to mind was people talking really loudly, as if they think everybody else doesn’t mind hearing what they have to say. Spitting it also really gross and makes me wanna gag. :S And this one is for malls – a group of people who walk next to each other and take over most of the walkway in the mall annoy me – the problem with these people is that they’re usually ALWAYS on their Sunday type stroll too and block most of the walkway. People who allow their kids to scream and be a nuisance in public annoys me too.

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Loud talking.
People on cell phones who try at the same time to converse with face to face people.
Not washing hands before leaving a restroom.
Chewing with open mouths and/or talking with mouths full of food.
Don’t pick up after their dog/s poop in public.
Leav dirty baby diapers in store parking lots.

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@Neizvestnaya Nasty! Leaving dirty diapers. I concur.

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I don’t mind couples holding hands or a small kiss/hug. When couples have to showoff in public with a long kiss or among other things that others don’t need to see it gets aggravating. I can’t understand what people get out of doing this, get a room, go in your car or go the hell home.

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@Jabe73: This PDA thing is interesting to me. When I was younger, say under 30yrs old then my public affections were very controlled. There came a time though in my mid 30’s where I looked back on all the affection I could have accepted and given in public places that would have made some memories all the more sweet. Anymore I don’t censor myself too much, my bf and I exchange long passionate kisses and embraces where we feel and sometimes that’s been out in public, a restaurant or window shopping out of town. I count myself lucky just to be experiencing love again. Let who wants to judge do it, I don’t care.

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@Neizvestnaya I don’t mind small stuff like kisses and hugs, holding hands, putting arms around each other at a movie or somewthing like that (I’ve done these myself). I guess I’m one of them people who does not feel everyone needs to know my business, who I’m going out with or how we conduct our sex lives. Some couples do go too far with PDA however to the point where it seems to be more about showing off than actual love or affection. It is so easy to do some of these things in more private settings. Not everyone wants to look at this in public. There is a time and place for everything. I’m not judging anyone on here but I guess I’m more conservative than most on here and that’s just me being me. Even when one of my old girlfriends would try to lay a big kiss on me in public I would always tell her to save it for when we get home.

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Planning intercourse while talking to a partner on the cell phone, which turns into shouting once the connection begins to deteriorate. Happened on a Frankfurt train once.

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