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Why in the world would he keep these pictures of her ?

Asked by Bellezzz (98points) July 3rd, 2020 from iPhone

Hey guys and girls from fluther, this question is an update,in regard to a past post of mines, which is this one right here

Please read it if you have not yet, to understand my updated question.

So my problem is that, this past Sunday he was showing me some older pictures in the buildings that he has worked in, and right at that moment the plumber came to fix the toilet, so he stayed talking to this plumber for quite a while, so one of these pictures led me to an album with this girl’s name on it plus the date he created the album, and BAM it was this girl again, the album had 200 photos if her, some of them together, some others a little too sexual (in one she was thrown in the floor with black panties, black bra, and high heels shoes. Another one in the beach with bikini laying in the sand, plus 2 videos when they went out with her friend.

Why in the world would he keep album of a girl he did not even have something serious with, I told this to my friend and she was like: I feel there is way more to this story, that he has not told you about completely, it sounds like they dated and was a little more than just some hook up, but never turned into a real relationship.

Then there was another album of this girl, who he has never ever told me about, photos of them kissing, and it was right after this other girl I mention, so the building girl he began to go out with her on March then at the end of May he began to go out with this one. And hold on tight so you don’t fall out the chair, he took this girl as well to the building where the other girl worked, he has this pattern of doing this, because he took me to that building several times when we began to date.

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His history (past or present) with these women bothers you and it seems you have no trust. I say dump him.
Good luck getting trust back once it has been broken.
I’d have to dump him because the idea of going to a building where he used to work is beyond dull.
Boring Building Boy is not fascinating.

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I agree with @lucillelucillelucille .

You have a jealousy problem. Which means that fundamentally you don’t trust him. Which further means that you’re digging up stuff that you feel helps you (how? Don’t know).

He may be fooling around, maybe not. But the truth doesn’t matter – you have already pronounced him guilty.

I wouldn’t want to be your boyfriend, having to deal with a paranoid snoop.

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For mercy sake, talk to him about this. Get his explanation. If you don’t like it then walk out.

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@LostInParadise my bet: she won’t. It’s far easier to grip and complain than it is to do anything serious to fix it, She;s here because she could spout off.

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I read your previous post about this. You should have dumped him when you discovered his album of this girl. If she crooked her little finger at him he would likely dump you in a New York minute. And now you’ve discovered another album of another girl. You can’t trust him and you can’t change him. If you have another talk with him he’ll just find a way to hide his albums. Why are you still with him? Either accept that he finds it impossible to let go of his other girlfriends or leave. Make a decision and stick to it.

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You’re asking the wrong question. It doesn’t matter why he has them. It only matters what you’re going to do about it.

Have you seen the movie “The Amityville Horror”? If not, let me quote the most famous line:

“Get out!”

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Since he has a passion for finding it impossible to let go of his exes, become his ex and see if he becomes obsessed with you. What you got to lose?

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“Why in the world would he keep these pictures of her ?”

Because he is racking up experience of his fantasies with a lot of women.

When it is time to get serious with a women to the point of marriage, one should get rid of those pictures.

Sounds like a player who keeps his fantasies ( images) to remind himself what a good catch he is??

In short he uses women and only sees them as an extension of himself and HIS satisfaction rather than the women that he is with.

Rather general, but this is what “players who use women” are like.

I dated one and when he dragged out his Trunk full of women that he dated ( explicit images/body parts emphasized)

Someone told him that he was a person who saw women as “objects” rather than a feeling, loving caring person and he asked me if I agree with that statement.

I told him the truth , which was of course , just look at that trunk full of images of women’s bodies emphasized!

He decided that evening on his own to destroy most of those incriminating photos that one would wonder what he had planned to do with later?( publish or worse post online?)

At least he grew up a bit and began to understand why he could not keep a women in his life for very long.

I have not heard from him for several years now and hope that he has matured somewhat.

I suppose some men do this to “learn” from women as they were at one time lousy lovers to begin with?

It was the women who taught them along the way.

I chose Not to be in a relationship with him as he depicted “player tendencies and most likely will continue even after marriage, should he marry one day.

( he repeatedly kept several women on a string..a bad sign for a committed relationship.)

Just my story, but take it into account.

By the way some men require a lot of women while there are some others who are committed and remain with one women, that they love for life.

Decide which one you would prefer.

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My question for you is “why in the world are you still wasting your time with this guy?” For him, I’d say buh-bye.

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I suspect that he is playing a game of cat and mouse in that he keeps her wanting more?

She has to take control of her life and let him go .

There are better men out there.

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@Inspired_2write Even if there aren’t better men out there, this one is trash.

But I go back to my earlier question – how much of the drama is simply her looking for trouble?

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