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What does it mean when a girl walks behind you and blows on your neck?

Asked by fatefulwhisper (103points) September 29th, 2010

I was standing in a hallway, when a girl I like walked behind me (I pretended that I did not notice her and looked the other way), then suddenly she blew on the back of my neck and walked away, then smiled. What does that mean? Was she just teasing me? We are just friends right now.

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Just playful flirting probably

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not secretly, sorry, i fixed the question. but she approached me very quietly and i didn’t expect what she was going to do to me at all. I thought she was going to ignore me.

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Vamp Lady in disguise?! I guess it was sweet teasing.

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I’ve experienced this myself quite a few times. From my experience what I can tell you is that occasionally they are just a flirt who likes attention but the majority of the time it usually means they like you. If they add on to that, such as a light arm grab or touch then it is obvious at this point they really like you. Like I said sometimes they are just a tease or flirty.

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There’s either a wasp on your neck or she’s mistaken you for a steaming hot cup of coffee?

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Tail gator.

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Six months to live. It’s probably just a bit of impulsiveness, possibly a result of good humor. Indicative, certainly that all is well between you.

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I would guess just playing around.

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She likes you ,silly.

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Perhaps you had some dust or stray hairs on the back of your jacket LOLL

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If she does this to more than just you, then she is a flirt. She likes you, but she may do it to a lot of guys and you can be flattered by it, but don’t take it seriously. (I’m not saying that innocent flirting is bad, but don’t put much stock in it.)
If she saves this kind of thing for just you, then she likes you and if you like her, then it’s your turn to pay some attention to her. At the very least you should give her a nice smile when you see her again.

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Do it back to her. Then wait and see what happens.

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Blow Job! :-/ follow her next time Lol…..

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She saw a bug and didn’t want to touch it to get it off you.

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It means she’s weird.

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Seems like she likes you. Go ahead, get a date. Or whatever you young folk do these days.

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I’m thinking it’s a good sign.

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There’s varying degrees of goodness you can take from this, but you can be absoluty sure it’s nothing bad

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Watch her when she goes near your drink from know on….... if you know what I mean.

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