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Is it possible my psoriasis has gone by itself?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21491points) September 30th, 2010

I have had psoriasis for years on my right elbow. Super annoying and very persistent, with no regard to exercise, diet, or season. If I didn’t put cream on it, it would flare up really badly. All of a sudden this summer, after close to 10 years, it went away, just like that. I suddenly realized one day that I hadn’t put cream on it in a long time and the area is totally normal – all by itself!

I tried to Google this and read that it’s possible for psoriasis to go into remission, but couldn’t find much else about it. If any of you jellies have experience, would you mind sharing?

Will my psoriasis will flare up again sometime in the future? Should I be concerned that it might pick a different spot to come out, or will it always be the elbow? (I really don’t want it on my head or face)

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When I was little, I had it on both my knees and both my elbows. I heard that UV tanning beds were good for it so I gave it a try. It got rid of it all. There were no signs of it for a long while but it did come back on my right knee. I haven’t done anything for it since then but it hasn’t come back on my elbows or my left knee. As far as I know, it won’t come back in any places other than where it was and according to my experience, there’s a 75% of it not coming back so I’d say the chances of it staying away are pretty good. I’m just going by my experiences though. I don’t have any medical evidence to back any of this up.

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My mother had psoriasis quite badly. She was never without it until she was on her deathbed and that was due to the high dose of steroids she was on.

Throughout her life she had spontaneous remissions on various parts of her body probably due to stress reduction.

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@Randy – A girl can hope, then!

@tranquilsea – I think you may have identified a key thing.. I wonder if it was a reduction in my stress levels. I had a much less stressful summer than I’d anticipated, plus a lot of the overwhelming stuff I’ve been dealing with over the years has passed. Plus, I feel pretty happy to be back in California. Interesting.

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I have it on my elbows, knees, ankles and the side of my nose (groan).
I use a cream to stop it from getting too bad, but it really only moderately controls it.
Early this year, the outbreak on my ankles just disappeared! Still have it in the other spots, but my ankels were the worst spot!
About that time I did buy new work boots, that lace differently than the 3 different ones I have had since the condition first appeared, but I don’t know whether it had anything to do with it.

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My mother had large plaques over areas on her arms from her elbow to nearly her wrist, over her stomach and her shins with many many smaller spots all over her body. It was something that bothered her her whole life. She refused to wear short sleeved anything. That was why it was so sad to see her psoriasis free in the last two weeks of her life.

We had watched he take one dangerous medication after another in bids to get rid of it. The last one turned her a little greasy for lack of a better work. Her hair fell out. She decided the cure was worse than the disease and stopped. Tar therapy was the only one that seemed to help and not make her sick.

Hopefully there will be a good understanding of what causes it and how to cure it.

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