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Does your sister in law get on your nerves too?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) March 30th, 2008
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no but my sister and her fiance get on my damn nerves.

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I got lucky with my sister-in-law, but my mother-in-law is a different story. She can be very opinionated, like telling me my hair is too long. I hate my hair, but I’m growing it out for Every time I see her she has some snide remark about my hair. She also said “Now that you’re going to be a father, you have to quit skateboarding!”, to which I simply replied “No, I don’t!”. It’s just something you have to deal with. By the way, I do love my mother-in-law.

I hope my wife doesn’t see this thread!

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i have one and , yeah they can got on my nerves ,any way keep on trucking

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Well, it’s just me and my parents in the house. EVERY Friday (sometimes Thursday) she comes over with her husband and son (one who is spoiled and gets what he wants.. basically NO RULES!) and stay until Monday. They spend EVERY holiday here. It gets on my nerves, because all I want to do on the weekends is sit and relax and not have such caos around me. She does things to purposely bug me. It causes friction between my parents and I also my brother and I. I don’t know what to do anymore. Being here 4 days out of the week sometimes more it driving me up the wall. What do I do?(

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My sister in law used to bug me, but I changed my phone number, and now she can’t call me with her crazy rants. What do your parents have to say about her visits? If you are the only one bugged about her , and they seem to enjoy her visits, you may want to consider finding a place of your own. If that’s not an option, I guess you’d just have to steer clear of her the best you can.

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mine is the nosiest little biotch! She also flips your words around and tries to make you seem like a bad person to everyone else. I hate my sister in law!

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Parents live with me. I try to stay clear and do my own thing when they are around, but at time I feel like a prisoner in my own home! My parents won’t say anything! That’s what drives me crazy. They let them do what ever they want. It comes to a point where my mom is cleaning their mess and doing their laundry! I feel like she takes advantage of my mom and only comes to have things done for her. She is also loud too and has no respect for my space. I am a mellow quiet person and she knows it. So I feel like she does all this to get under my skin!

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If it is your house, then don’t invite them over. You’re going to have to put your foot down. They say, once you invite a vampire into your house, they can come back anytime they wish! |~..~|

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I don’t invite. They come as freely as they want, since my parents are with me too. I’ve indirectly said comments to hint on that I don’t like having them here every weekend, but she doesn’t seem to care. She knows I don’t like it, so she will keep coming to bug me!

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Apparently if she is doing things just to bug you, making indirect comments is not going to work. You will have to be direct with her, and tell her she is welcome to visit your parents, but not welcome to stay for 4 days at a time. It’s your home, set boundaries your way. If she can’t abide by them, tell your parents to go to her house for visits.

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You’re going to have to get mean! First, I would tell my parents to go to their house on the weekends, and give them an inflatable mattress.(if sleeping arrangements are an issue at your brother’s) Second, I would tell my brother “You and your wife are killing me! Why don’t you just let mom and dad come to your place, so they can do even more of your chores?”

Like scamp said!

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I like the way you put it better bulbatron! Stand your ground and get nasty with her!

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My sister-in-law and mother-in-law loved making all kinds of snide remarks.Especially about having short people in my family.Not anymore.Her new husband is not very tall.That’s ended it.

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Most of their comments left me puzzled as to what it was that bothered them so much about me or my family.It boils down to jealousy,complex and tons of boredom.Age-old problem.My solution to all at the receiving end is,keep your patience and stay away from these negative people as far as possible.Life has a way of turning things around and teach in a way even we can’t possibly do.

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Never was married long enough to get to know my sister in law, but she won my heart as when I got out of the car, she was standing there with a mug of beer for me. Same after a horrible dinner party where my mother in law would use this opportunity to berrate me, went into kitchen, and there she was with a mug of beer for me. Now divorced, wish I had Sidney for a friend as she is was a terrfic girl. She now works at the Harvard Museum, wish I knew how to get in touch. My son gave me her number but she never called. Guess she figures I am just a bitter old drunk now

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No one will ever know why sister inlaws are such a pain. My husband sister inlaw is way wierd. We bought a new house and she demanding a new one too. She even went as far as disclosing my payroll info to my husbands ex-wife! Just keep your distance with them if you can. l fell bad for her husband, having to put up with her, and her spoiled behavior.

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My soon the be sister in law is a lazy ass bitch, she doesnt do anything and sleept til 5pm. My brother does everything around the house, put food on the table. I feel sorry for my brother but dont know what to do.

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Of course she gets on my nerves. Thats the job – the function in life – of in-laws.

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My sister-in-law gets on my nerves every time I see her face! No correction, even just thinking about her gets on my nerves. She is such a lazy, leach, dependent wife to my brother. And the worst part is she either doesn’t know it or she just chooses to ignore it! Fuck, I loathe, hate and absolutely abhor her!

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