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What kind of computer do you have?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) October 4th, 2010

Do you like it? Would you get another one in that brand?
Are you a Mac or PC?

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Mine is AMD based and I built it myself.

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I’m a Mac. I have a 13” Macbook Pro and I love it. We also have a 17” but I like the little one better for sitting on the couch doing “laptop” stuff. I think there’s a saying… “Once you go Mac, you never go back,” and that would be appropriate here!

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I’m a PC. :) I would be happy with a Mac if they were cheaper but I’m not going to pay an extra 40–50% just for the badge. As well as my desktop I also have a little Asus Aspire netbook, which I love.

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I’d love to get a Lenovo. I have a Toshiba

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I had an acer travelmate that i loved, but it kind of gave up the ghost, so now i’m using a hand-my-down from my dad and i’m neutral on this one. I want one of those cute tiny little laptops next, i can’t remember the brand, but it’s something like a 10 or 11” screen size, and just really cute. It has a mini laptop bag and everything. :)
Oh, and i don’t use Mac, i’ve heard that it’s not compatible with things that i may want to use, and i’ve heard it’s more expensive.

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@NaturallyMe It might be these HP ones

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@Aesthetic_Mess actually it’s not an HP…and i can’t get into the website where i saw the one that i do want! But anyway, it’s cute and comes in different colours too i think. :)

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HP Pavillion at work which is a decent machine and an Asus LT and DT at home and they work great for the little money they cost. Nowadays with these mini supercomputers we can buy software is everything.

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Mine is also AMD based and built myself with help from the Fluther crowd and and a rl friend :)

I quite like it, it is the fastest computer i’ve owned and can play any game out there at the moment with very decent graphic settings (max, if not very close). Although i’ve had problems, they’ve mostly been sorted out. I can’t really think of anything too bad about it, besides it crashes on some games (Oblivion, Fallout 3, Alienswarm, Borderlands) unless I underclock the GPU settings a bit, but I don’t really mind doing so.

And yes I would like to build my next computer when the time comes. I think I would also stick to AMD products as they are good value compared to intel/nvidia.

As for “am I a Mac, or a PC”, I guess I am a PC as it’s running Microsoft 7. I’ve always used Microsoft OS in my life, and I don’t really have any desire for anything Apple’s OS comes with. I wouldn’t say I was a Microsoft fanboy, it’s just more convenient to use since everything I need is compatible with it.

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(I’ll be stalking this thread as I am in the market for a new laptop.)

My mum is running an HP PC and my barely functioning laptop is an old Gateway.

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I have an Acer desktop and an asus netbook. (Vista on the desktop and Ubuntu on the netbook)
The desktop is getting on my nerves because it takes a long time to load and it occasionally crashes. I’m planning to build a new desktop sometime in the future.
I love my netbook, though. It doesn’t give me shit and it’s pretty fast.

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Oh I forgot to mention my laptop that I had before the desktop. T’is an Acer Aspire 9300. I am not sure I would go for Acer again as it runs sorta slow and doesn’t really play many games. However a good point is that it is very reliable. In the 3+ years that i’ve had it, the only servicing it has needed is to repair the lid case that had snapped twice exposing the screen. If they have any fast Acer laptops I may go for one because of that.

I think I would go for a netbook or a smaller laptop (13”) when this laptop eventually dies.

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I have a new iMac and a MacBook air. I also have a couple of windows laptops that my kids occasionally use for school.

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I have an PC that I built myself. It’s watercooled (CPU, GPU’s and chip-set) has 2 graphics cards and 12GB RAM, and a solid state drive (as well as the obligatory flashy blue LED’s). One of the nice things about doing it your self is that you get an awful lot more for your money.

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@Aesthetic_Mess It’s a Linux based OS
It’s free to download if you want it.

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I have an Asus desktop with a Gateway monitor (my husband has the same one as me) for gaming and a MacBook for my laptop. My husband has an Asus laptop.

I love my Macbook and if I could play my games online with my husband on a mac I would have gotten a mac desktop, but because of the difference in the online servers, we wouldn’t be able to play together.

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It is one that works. That is all that matters.

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I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro, but I really want a PC. I’m in the process of getting one, I have just have absolutely no idea which one to get.

I don’t intend to replace my Mac, there are things about it that a PC will never match, but overall I’ve realized that I prefer Windows and I’d like to have one of each. I’m really interested in the physical PC laptops, which is why “load Windows on a Mac” is not what I want to do.

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I had mine built by a place called to my specs. It’s AMD-based, and I got the most advanced processor and best mobo I could afford at the time. I’ve had it since 2003, and it works fine. I’ve upgraded the video card and the OS, replaced the processor fan since I’ve had it.

When the time comes to replace this, the new one will also be custom-built. As for a laptop, that will be a Mac with one of those switchable Windows/Mac OS programs included. I currently have an HP with Vista, and it’s meh.

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I own the Damnit 5000.

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I have a 17” iMac that I have used for the last three years. Last month I built a PC from parts that triple boots OS X, Windows 7, and Ubuntu.

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@johnpowell – Time for a vacation. :-)

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I have an Atari 130XE. 1.79Mhz 65c02 processor, 128K of RAM, and an XF551 5¼” disk drive (using either DOS 2.5 or SpartaDOS).

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a 10 year old HP Pavillion. I have no idea when or what the next one.

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I have a few in my house.

My roommate has an old kit-bashed Athlon 64 X2 running Ubuntu with a GeForce 9800-series card driving dual 20” flatscreens. A little long in the tooth, but it still holds it’s own.

My wife and I share a Gateway Core i3–530 with Win7, 6GB RAM, and a fanless GT240. It’s pretty decent for the price, and if it gets too slow then I’ll just slap an i7 in there. For the price, it’s a pretty solid rig and I would recommend it to someone on a budget. I almost built my own, but it turned out that this tower was better than anything I could make for the same price, especially given the cost of Win7.

I also have a Toshiba T135 laptop with a dual-core SU4100 and 3GB RAM than usually does WIn7 but occasionally Ubuntu. It’s a pretty nice rig for $500, and I love the battery life (never less than 6 hours even under hard use). I would not recommend it solely because it has been superceded by the T235, though if you can find a good deal on the T135 with the SU4100 CPU then go for it. (But avoid the SU2700 and the AMD models like the plague.)

My Droid X almost qualifies as a computer (close enough to be worth mentioning) since it does HD video, has an office suite, file manager, and task manager. I love that little bastard!

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