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If you're in a long distance relationship, would you visit twice in a short period of time?

Asked by chelle21689 (6921points) October 4th, 2010

If you had the extra cash come in and if you’re significant other is unable to fly out to see you.

My bf visited me before he started Airborne and language school. It’s much easier and I have more flexibility to be the one visiting. My school happens to close a few days early November. So I can either see him in like 4 weeks or wait another two months 3 weeks.. Dec 27th. He owes some money from back then so once he is paid I’ll be getting a lot of extra cash :D

I reallllllly want to go but do you think it’s irresponsible of me to spend more money? I’m usually tight with money!

Btw this is flying from Ohio to California tickets round trip about $260—$300 I’m estimating.

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If you can afford to spend the money, I don’t see why not. But, if there are other things you really need to be saving for, sometimes you have to make a decision of which you want more. I know eventually you want to end the distance. That is going to take some savings and if you spend every extra penny you have to see him all the time, you won’t have the money saved up to move and end the distance sometime in the future.

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I would, but I’ve been known to be foolish when it comes to matters of the heart.

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Hey, you’re back! I figured you’d be too busy spending time with the hubby ;). The only thing I’m saving up for is to move out one day lol…honestly I dipped into my savings account a few times =\. Haha….but I haven’t touched it lately, I make myself “forget” the savings as if it was never there.

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@chelle21689 I’m kind of back. My husband is still home, but he’s on his computer and I’m on mine while we are watching the football game. I know how much you want to see your boyfriend, so it’s really a matter of how much you really need to start saving.

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To my mind, any relationship benefits by a much visitation as possible.

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I try to visit my fiance every two or three weeks, but: (1) we’re engaged, not bf/gf, and (2) tickets are slightly cheaper for me than for you.

Can you actually afford the ticket? I think that might be the most important question. If you have savings, what else would you spend the $300 on? Personally, I’d much rather spend $300 visiting someone I love than on material possessions. But if you’re going to need the money later to move out and (presumably) in with him, then I don’t know.

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Haha, to be honest…I’m just hoping most of the answers will say yes.

We’ve been together 5 years (2 years long distance) we’re seriously committed. And I don’t know…I could use that money to spend it on a new hair style, new clothes, but I’ve never been a materialistic person. I’ve always spent money on “memories” like travel, fun experiences, and delicious food haha

I won’t be moving for another maybe 2–2.5 years. I figured if he gets deployed for 7–9 months I’d be saving a lot during that time. I still try to save.

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@chelle21689 If you know for sure that you still have 2 or more years to save up before you’ll be moving, then I probably would spend the money and go see him. If you had less time until you were moving to be with him, I’d recommend trying to save it.

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Thanks for makin me feel less guilty ;) lol

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Even 5 times, but then again, I too am sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart!

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Go for it. You only live once.

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I would visit as often as I could.See Frenchfry’s answer :)

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I would pretty much do everything I could to find ways to get there as often as possible. Get a second job if I had to or better yet a job out there way!

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yay! more “less guilt” answers! hah

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Absolutely! If I were in that situation, I would visit as often as time and money allowed… and you have both time and money in this instance! Definitely go for it!!

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I agree with Harple 100 percent !!!

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If taking the trip won’t compromise your ability to pay for essentials, then go. Frequent visits strengthen an LDR.

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If you really like your bf and willing enough to spend the money, then i say go for it, and have some fun with him.

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