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Are you old enough to have ever seen a Fat Albert Cartoon?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) October 5th, 2010

I used to watch that all the time. hee hee . Who is your favorite character?

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It was a after school cartoon for us. I was a fan of Rudy Davis.

Shit… Now everyone knows that I am old.

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I’ve seen the Fat Albert movie which made me watch the cartoons..does that count? I like MushMouth. I think that was his name.

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Yes, I’m that old. I don’t think I had a favorite character, though.

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Hey hey hey!

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Yes, but I didn’t really care for it.

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Oh no, I’m only 29! loll… yes, I’m a HUGE Fat Albert fan! disregard the pun!

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Yes.I liked Mushmouth.

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Yah-bah, I-bah be-bah olda-nuff!

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I hated that show, except for the opening theme. It was so anvilicious about teaching its moral lessons that it took away from any enjoyment I could have over the antics.

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Hey, hey, hey…!

Yep, not only am I old enough, it used to be a part of my regular after school routine.

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Yup. Used to watch it after school.

Didn’t have a favorite character. I liked it well enough, but it wasn’t my favorite cartoon.

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na na na gona have a good time. Hey hey hey! na na na gona have a good time. It’s Fat Albert

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Old enough to remember it?? Girl I’m older than the guy who created it. Not really but close.

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No, I don’t think so, but what I do know is that my old school principal was Bill Cosby’s college roommate, and he was Bill Cosby’s inspiration for the character Fat Albert, since he was fat and black… I think that’s pretty cool… ;D

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