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Since it's the Internet, have you ever mistaken someone's gender on here?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) October 5th, 2010

I don’t want to call anyone a him or her, because I’m afraid I’ll mistake their gender. Some you can obviously tell are men or women by their avatar or name. So have you ever mistaken anyone? What gender are you?

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I have a couple times, that’s why I just call people by their user name.

Sometimes it’s interesting when you find out someone’s gender after you’ve seen them on Fluther for a long time.

I’m male, if you can tell by my name. And it’s Erich (German), not Eric.

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I have, recently.

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There are times when I don’t know someone’s gender and, for a moment, wish I did, but have found that it typically doesn’t matter. As long as the answer is on topic and credible, I’m fine being in the dark. In a weird sort of way, it makes it interesting not knowing…sort of like I’m not judging their responses due to a label.

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I have, often, but I figure that anyone with an ambiguous username and avatar, and has no gender based profile information probably doesn’t mind the confusion.

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I thought Augustlan was a man until fairly recently.

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I have on occasion mistaken a dog for a cat.

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I don’t want a gender, you can call me Simone.

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I couldn’t care less whether it’s a man or a woman or somewhere in-between. Words on a screen that’s all.

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I have. But their gender is their issue. I would prefer they keep it in the bedroom and not flaunt it around the place.

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@iamthemob Yeah, and their sexuality too ~

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I don’t know why, but I generally assume everyone I’m talking to is male unless I’m given a clue to suggest otherwise. However, I refer to everyone as gender-neutral until I know which gender they identify as. I’ve been wrong way too many times to justify guessing.

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I’ve mistaken male for female and female for male here a few times. I doesn’t matter to me what gender anyone is, but sometimes it’s a bit confusing when I’ve had it in my head that someone is male for quite a while, then they write an answer that shows they are clearly quite female (or the other way around). Avatars are often misleading, and user names can be ambiguous. Now I try not to assume one way or the other based on pictures/names, and instead look for clues in the answers.

If someone talks about having their period or shaving their testicles, those are pretty good clues. :)

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@MissAusten “If someone talks about having their period or shaving their testicles, those are pretty good clues.”

You’d be surprised…

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I said “pretty good,” not “iron-clad!”

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I wonder if anyone around is uncertain as to my gender.

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I’ve certainly made mistakes about people, and will in the future. I try not to make assumptions when there aren’t clear indicators, but its tricky. Occasionally I ask if my pronouns hang in the balance.

I get mistaken for a man a fair amount, at least by new people. I think it’s primarily because of the beard. It isn’t a big deal. I’m more curious about it on sites where I don’t have an avatar to confuse things. I suspect some people always assume masculinity in the absence of glaring femininity. It might be a consequence of the masculine bent of the English language, but I’m always a little afraid that some people (though rarely people here) presume it according to sexist expectations.

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^ Oops. I’m one of them due to the avatar and a certain comment we once discussed. And thank you for teaching me a new, cool term

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It took me about two years to discover Allie is a female.

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@Pied_Pfeffer No big deal, you weren’t the first and you won’t be the last.

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<——dog here, just for clarification.

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I’ve been called a male a lot.
I’m not.

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I’ve been mistaken for male many times (especially when I used a very spare “A” avatar. I also thought Dog was male for a long time.

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Very often. But I don’t really care about it and it won’t bother me if they have anonymous gender. I also thought that Zen was a male,then I thought she was a female,but now I believe it’s him.

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I’m still new to Fluther and I quite frequently mix up people’s genders,

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I don’t ponder the genders of users much and rarely refer to anyone by a gendered pronoun unless they have it noted elsewhere on Fluther.

I’ve been referred to as male and female online. It doesn’t bother me and I hope nobody spends even a second worrying over what pronouns to use when referring to me. There are more important aspects to who I am :)

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@muppetish you are the biggest mystery to me, currently! It’s funny you should mention that, and still not give me a clue!

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I havent no, but I’ve had a couple people PM me saying they thought I was a girl.

One jelly only figured it out when I said something about cumming in a girls face :P

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@Seek_Kolinahr I know I know :) or so I think..not that it matters.

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I don’t think I’ve done that here, but I definitely have on Q&A sites I’ve been on in the past.

Also, I don’t seem to get mistaken for a girl anymore, but I guess the user name and the avatar make that obvious. :P

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I thought @rangerr was a guy until she changed her avatar accordingly. That’s the only incorrect assumption of gender for me so far simply because I was directly confronted about it in the chat.

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Not here.

It seems that most of the jellies I notice either have a gender-identifiable name, avatar image, or have posted something that indicates their gender.

I did refer to a male as a female on another site about 6 years ago.

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@downtide Wait, what?

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What does the internet have to do with this problem?

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@MeinTeil wellll lets see… when I talk to you via the internet I can not see you at all. Soooo im left to guess your gender based on how you talk and what not. If not for the internet and we were sitting in a room together I doubt there would ever be such confusions.

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On the other hand it is much easier to recognize dicks on the internet.

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@fundevogel Especially on chatroulette.

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Happens all the time. And not everyone’s on Photobucket.

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Some people assume I’m male. I know Jon is at the beginning of my username, but I’m Jon’s blond. I have a vag.

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@jonsblond Pics or it never happened.

People can be so silly on the internet.

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