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How can I sleep?

Asked by chocolatechip (2999points) October 5th, 2010

I’ve been lying in bed for 2(!) hours unable to sleep. I lie down still, close my eyes, and nothing happens. I can’t lie down still for so long without getting uncomfortable, so I eventually move, which of course resets the whole process. I have class in 5 hours and I need to sleep. Help!

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Concentrating on something other than what is rolling around in my mind almost always works for me. I mentally count the number of hinged items in our parents house from attic to basement (my version of counting sheep)and have never stayed awake long enough to get to the ground floor. Read a book that I really like but have already read. If all else fails, I camp out on the sofa with the television on. The History or Discovery channels knock me out fairly quickly because of the lulling tones of the narrators no matter how interesting the topic is.

Good luck!

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Do you need noise to sleep like I do? Listen to music

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My requirements for sleep seem to be any situation in which I shouldn’t be sleeping. I can sleep in class, on the train, while standing, etc.

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Well, a snifter of good scotch, a roll in the hay with my spouse, or both seem to do the trick for me… ;)

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Give yourself a time limit. Tell yourself that you will only lie in bed for thirty minutes, trying to get to sleep. Keep a clock near you so you can see it easily. (but make sure it is digital, or without an audible second hand, that tick tock tick tock drives me bonkers) If after thirty minutes, you find yourself still awake, get up and do something relaxing that you enjoy. Watching TV, reading, computer, etc….
Stressing over not being able to sleep, makes sleep impossible.

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Melatonin. Take it.

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@alovehangoverr – Yep, what she said…

Melatonin plays a key role in regulating our sleep cycle. You can find it in the dietary supplement isle of your local pharmacy. Take as directed a half hour or so before bed.

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@alovehangoverr I agree, it’s probably the best/healthiest way to get into a good sleep cycle.

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