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Does pretty much everyone reflexively pee in the shower?

Asked by nocountry2 (3684points) March 30th, 2008

I once had a conversation with someone who thought it was absolutely disgusting and went on and on about how abnormal it was, which I thought was strange because A) it seems to happen reflexively, B) it all goes down the drain anyway, C) I thought urine was sterile, and D) I guess I think it’s just kind of nice…but maybe that’s because girls don’t get to pee standing up very often :P

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It has something to do with the hot water, just like how you stick someone’s finger in a warm cup of water while they are sleeping, they will pee the bed.

This works and it is a very funny prank, but I pee all the time in the shower, so do all my friends, because I have asked this same question to them!

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It isn’t abnormal, but it is disgusting.

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i am a PROUD shower urinator.

it’s relaxing and pee is sterile.

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ok, but WHY do you think it’s disgusting? I mean if it’s sterile and just being washed off?

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Because, generally anything we put into the toilet we associate with some level of disgust: feces, vomit and urine.

Urine odor is not pleasing and I feel like I am violating another person’s right to cleanliness and decency, unless I am the only person that ever uses my shower.

I wouldn’t want someone to urinate on my floors, wipe it up with a damp cloth and then walk around my house barefoot. Not to mention urine, like any liquid, splatters. I look at urinating in a shower the same as urinating in a pool.

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I don’t see it any grosser than taking a bath in which you wash off the dirt and grime of the day and have it float around with you.

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I only shower, unless I want to relax then I will take a hot bath after a shower but I have also had a shrink for eleven years. :)

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@ Patrick – that, I would have to say, is probably way GROSSER than peeing in the shower. Baths are gross…unless you shower first. And yes, I know grosser isn’t a word. But, it describes perfectly your image of dirty bath water.

Actually, using bar soap is even worse than peeing in the shower. Bar soap is NOT even close to sterile. It harbors bacteria and spreads right back onto you every time you use it…which I don’t. But if you own a bar of soap, you have no place complaining about a little pee-pee. It might not smell like roses, but it’s clean. And there’s actually no need to worry about a little pee in the pool either. It’s no less sterile there than in the shower. :) We’re not exactly talking about drinking it…which you could actually do with no problem, but let’s not go there.

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So Riser, how do you resist the irresistible reflexive urge to pee in the shower? Empty before washing? If I had to resist, I think I’d be too distracted to enjoy my shower.

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I usually do empty before washing. To paraphrase what I said above “I have issues.” :D

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hahahaha—I just think the explanation behind “the issues” is what’s fascinating about people

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Funny thing.. I just woke up to urinate. And I was like WTF, check Fluther while I am down here.

I normally evacuate first. I will admit it. I have urinated in the shower. It is kinda like when you discover the last person didn’t flush. And then you flush and that makes you need to go really bad.

I only have a bathtub where I live now so urinating in there is out of the question.

Ediy :: Back to sleep for me.
2nd edit :: put the first edit in the right place.

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I pee in the shower….and never have any complaints of smell, discoloration, or anything, like you said it is washed straight away down the drain, so I don’t see what the big deal is or why anyone would think it was gross?

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Yeah, there’s no problem with peeing in the shower. Unless the water isn’t running, and you just pee in there an leave it to dry.

Just like a toilet, the shower is essentially a drain that gets washed out by water. Only this one has all kinds of soaps racing down afterwards. Something that can’t be said for the toilet.

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I pee in the shower sometimes but I always aim for the drain and if I miss the drain I stay away from the yellow till it is all clear.

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I have to agree that if you’re the only one using the shower, then it’s up to you. But if I share a shower, I don’t want stand on that floor unless it’s been scrubbed. Consider it this way – would you rinse your feet off in a toilet bowl or urinal? The material gets flushed down the pipes in a similar manner, but most people would consider the idea disgusting.

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I pee in the shower, and I’ve never thought twice about it. Why would I waste a few gallons of water in the toilet first? That’s not Green living.

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@syz – I hope peeing in the shower (or standing there after someone else has) would be different than rinsing my foot in the toilet. WE DON’T POOP IN THE SHOWER. :) Just a thought….and one that makes all the difference, I think.

Pee is STERILE! – ster·ile: [ster-il or, especially Brit., -ahyl] –adjective 1. free from living germs or microorganisms; aseptic

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Apparently Madonna thinks it’s a good idea. I work for a podiatrist, and he has an article posted in our back office about urine therapy to cure Tinea pedis (foot fungus). This thread made me think of it. I tried to find it online, and this is the closest I could come to it.

As for me personally, I am not in the habit of peeing in the shower.

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@spendywatson, urine is indeed (in most cases) sterile, but it then has to pass through the urogenital system, which is far from sterile.

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not if you clean it off in the shower. ;)

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@syz…the problem I have with that POV is this – if I’m in the shower, I have plans to wash my body completely and anything non-sterile in my urogenital system will end up on the floor of my shower anyway, or it darn well should if I’ve done my job. :) Who am I to prevent a few little dirties from hitching a ride on the splash slide? lol…omfg, did I say “dirties” and “splash slide”...and did I make it rhyme? HA

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…next person to respond, please help me off the floor… lmfao

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I like to pee in my wetsuit, especially on colder days

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man that’s a whole ‘nother thread – would you let someone borrow it? Would you pee in a rental suit? Can you ever really get the smell out?

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Well….In junior high my school took a trip to Catalina, where we scuba dived for a day- they told us not to urinate in the suits. I totally peed, but its not like a ate a bunch of asparagus beforehand. I was used to doing the same in my own wetsuit. Around here, its strictly borrow at your own risk

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Please tell me that’s not how you came up with your user ID! LOL

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ha ha ha ha ha

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Ha ha, yeah I cant seem to shake that incident. I may as well embrace it.

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Sounds like it’s common, but I didn’t realize it. I’ve not had this impulse myself. I don’t find it disgusting though.

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@Zaku, WOW…you’ve never had the urge to pee in the shower? Hmmm…you might want to get that checked out. ;) lol just jokes

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Ya, I feel so left out. ;-)

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yea because the sound of the water running thats why when you got to put a baby in the bath tub make sure you keep their diaper on them when you turn the water on.

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I stopped peeing in the shower during college for a while because a friend told me you could get athlete’s foot from standing in someone’s urine. But then I realized that just because I wasn’t peeing didn’t mean other people weren’t, so I was standing in someone’s urine anyways.

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actually, when i was in the army i was told to pee on my feet every time i showered. the ammonia kills germs and bacteria, such as athletes foot and other potentially dangerous diseases you can get. it will also stop the poison of a jellyfish stinger as well as some other poisons that can be inflicted by plants or animals.

and yes, i pee in the shower regularly, right onto my feet, then wash them off after.

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An interesting thread. I guess it works. All of my waste water ends up in the septic tank. So I guessing peeing in the shower would be multitasking. But it isn’t reflexive with me.

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