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Ladies; do you shave your forearms?

Asked by interweb (319points) October 5th, 2010

I know I do.
It’s more of a personal preference then anything for I have a fear of “out maculating” my male counterparts.

It’s not like I have lots of hair on my forearms, for hereditary reasons, but still do prefer the smoothness and look of it.

Men: What do you think of women who do? Do you have a preference?

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Stubble on a lady absolutely SUCKS!

Let the hair grow girl! Soft and shiny, anywhere you can… PAH-LEEEZE, don’t let ad-hoc and consumerism make you believe that REAL MEN want anything less.

”...I have a fear of “out maculating” my male counterparts.”

Well… heh, perhaps you should consider… at least consider… that you may be entertaining the wrong “male counterparts”.

Just be what you are, and don’t be ashamed of sharing it with me.

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Nope I don’t. I don’t even wax. But then again I don’t really shave any part of my body. I don’t need to. You have to be up close or touch me in order to know I don’t shave.
And you know what’s even better? Saving all that money
That could be spend on shaving cream and razors.
Besides I could careless what others think because my boyfriend loves me the way I am.

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No, I don’t. It has never even crossed my mind. But… I am going to check back on this thread because I’m very curious about the circumstances under which women other than myself might shave their forearms. Am I from a completely different planet than that occupied by other women? Do the rest of you shave your forearms? Why don’t I know about this?

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I do. A few years ago, I worked at a bath shop. They made this shaving cream and oil that was really good, and by really good, I mean better than drug store brand and REALLY expensive, so we were supposed to push it on every customer. So in order to sell it at the outrageous price, we needed to prove how smooth a not-so-recent shave was. Legs are awkward, pits are inappropriate, and any other place is either really embarrassing or REALLY inappropriate. So all the girls would shave their arms, and then say it was a 3 day old shave, and let the customers feel our arms, and then they’d buy it. Then, after I quit, I was going to grow it back, but I sleep on my arms a lot and just never got past the stubble – I’d get fed up and shave it all again.

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My forearm hair used to really bug me when I was a teenager, but I never shaved it. I’ve seen this area shaved on many Latina for some reason. I find it odd and over the top as far as ‘personal care’ goes. But then, I seldom shave anything any more except my underarms and have bad dreams about swimming or being in shorts and showing my ‘au natural’ appearance. I guess I’m not over the shaving bug. But.. forearms? I think that’s a level of vanity I could never reach.

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Never crossed my mind to shave my ‘forearms.’
Legs are bad enough, couldn’t face doing my arms as well, and all the stubble that goes with it.

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@papayalily Oh my god, my darling… did working at Bath and Body Works do this to you?

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Given a choice I’d choose shaven arms over unshaven. I’d never expect or even ask for it, but if she wanted to do it, I wouldn’t discourage her. They feel that good.

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This question automatically makes me remember a very hot girl I grew up with, she lives in the same building as me too, she has very black hair and has some on her forearms. personally i like it, forearm hair is not like beard hair, its soft and you would not even know its there if you touched it with your eyes closed.

A little hair on the forearm is hot.

note: im a little odd

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@lillycoyote Not Bath & Body Works. It’s a local shop, specializing in organic, paraben-free, phosphate-free, sulfate-free, all-natural markups, with top-of-the-line customer molestation, and localized not actually paying their employees. They’re going out of business…..

But really, it’s not bad. I mean, it’s not a bad thing I shave my arms. Nor is it a good thing. It’s just… a thing. Like getting up in the middle of the night to pee, but before you’re old enough for that to be a sign of a larger problem (because chugging a Big Gulp doesn’t count as a “larger problem” in this context).

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No I don’t see why I would, unless your a professional swimmer or something..I hate shaving, but I do it.

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I shave no part of me what-so-ever. I can’t stand the mere thought of dragging a steel blade across my soft, furry skin.

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No, but I’ve heard of women who do. Usually because of an overabundance of dark hair (mine is practically invisibly blond). Honestly, I think bleaching would be a better choice in that situation. No stubble to deal with.

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I am overwhelmed, first a question about eye lash extensions, now forearm shaving! I personally would not consider either, I am just not that into how I look. And if a man rejected me for such reasons, I’d say don’t let the door bang you in the butt on the way out.

But as Auggie said in the eyelash question, if you want to do it for yourself and it makes you feel good and happy, then by all means do it. It is absolutely no one’s business except your own.

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I don’t but I know a couple of women that do. I had never considered shaving my forearms before I met them.

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seriously? no. it sounds like the most dumbass waste of time ever.

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I never occurred to me. No I don’t and I won’t and I don’t know of any women who do.
But If you like to do that, I think that’s fine.

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Nor do I. If I know of any women that do, they’ve never mentioned it.

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You can barely see the hair on my forearm (blonde) and they’re certainly not hairy. So, nope.

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I have better things to do with my life than spend three hours a day removing hair for no good reason. My legs are lucky if they get shaved once a week. Every so often I get sick of my eyebrows and clean them up. I am pretty adamant about shaved armpits. But that’s it, dude.

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I don’t. Like a few others have mentioned, the hair on my arms is very light and hard to see. I see no reason to shave it and then have to deal with stubble. Not to mention, sometimes shaving leads to the hair growing back thicker and sometimes darker than before.

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@cazzie You had mentioned that your forearms had bothered you as a teen, not many of you may know this, but I’ am a teen myself. I would definitely consider this as a insecurity factor more than anything else. Insecurities are the most unattractive trait one can have, something I’ am learning and overcoming with time. I was simply curious to what response/ratio of others who do the same.

I have black hair on light skin. They’re thick and coarse by nature, perhaps because of the pigmentation of color or being passed on by genes.

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I do and have for about 15 yrs. At first it started out because I have dark hair and light skin, not so furry but thin and sparse. It didn’t look at all like the peach fuzz light haired people have on their faces, bellies, arms and such. Anyhow, I started shaving because I applied heavy body makeup several times a week to costume up for nightclubbing. Most everyone I knew, male and female shaved their entire bodies so it seemed like no big deal. As the hair would grow out then I’d hate the stubble and so kept shaving. As my partners enjoyed the smooth skin feeling, I kept shaving. It got to where I liked the feel of my own skin better with no hair too. To this day though, I know more men who shave their forearms than women.

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@interweb The strange thing is I think I would have felt more of a freak if I had actually shaved my arms.. it would have been a physical expression of my insecurity and like you said, insecurities are not attractive and kids would have teased me something chronic.

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The only thing I do to the hair on my forearms is pluck those annoying dark black hairs that grow out of my freckles. :[

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The thought has never crossed my mind. I agree with @RealEyesRealizeRealLies

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I believe it’s everyone’s personal preference. However, there are alternatives to shaving your arm hair. You could have it bleached, or removed by electrolysis. I don’t know any woman that shaves her arms. I honestly don’t believe men in general care about arm hair. As long as it’s not think like a bears. I feel women should be more concerned about their underarms, legs, and facial hair. Sorry, but I think it’s somewhat unhygienic for a woman to not shave or be concerned about these areas.

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I Don’t however I’ve been debating shaving my forearms for awhile.

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No way! I know a couple of girls who do, and it’s just not natural looking I like the natural look! I see it that any guy who has a problem with fine hairs on a woman’s arms is not the guy for me! Be comfortable with yourself before pleasing someone else :)

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i used to and the result (after years of doing it) was a disaster…. i now have to get them waxed. another 15 monies every few weeks. lameeee-o

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