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The perfect fighters in a historical smackdown?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) October 6th, 2010

If you could pick any two historical figures, and have duke it out in a fight of any kind, who would you pick and why? Would their be a reason for the fight? What kind of fight would you prefer?

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I would bet on Ol’ Hickory against any one you can name. The guy was a motherfucker.

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Me and Lucille…back nine at Medinah….I will give her a cart, Tiger Woods as a partner and still KHA!

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Teddy Roosevelt vs Atilla the Hun

No weapons, just fists.

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@Cruiser-You’d be crying like a little girl after I pummel you.

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Sure 2 on one…I know Tiger won’t be much help as he will be too busy hitting on you and distracting you so I will spot you 20 strokes for that and still KYA!!

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William the Conqueror versus Tecumseh. WTC was the Chuck Norris of the 11th century. At the head of the Norman forces, he was the last person to ever conquer England. Tecumseh was a military genius and all-around badass, fighting to hold onto Shawnee territory.

I believe the fight occurs in a real-life Bill and Ted scenario, when both historical figures are brought to the present to aid in a history project. As WTC and Tecumseh have different strategies and values, they end up in a heated argument about the merits of neon green backboards versus plain white ones.

This can only be resolved by a banjo duel.

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