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What would cause fudge not to "set"?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46740points) October 6th, 2010

I, uh, made fudge. Of course, I had to follow my heart and not the recipe. In a nut shell, I substituted 1 cup of cherry pie filling syrup (WITHOUT the cherries!) for one of the 2 cups of sugar it called for (I used 1 cup sugar instead of 2.) I know I was subbing a sugary liquid (syrup) for a solid (sugar) so I boiled it three minutes longer than than the recipe called for (7 minutes instead of (4) but…it’s not going to set up. Why? Would boiling it longer have gotten rid of the excess liquid and allowed it to set up?

Anyway, if nothing else, I have some kickin’ fudge topping for ice cream! I know I do! Because I also added about ¼ tsp of orange extract, and anyway. It tastes fantastic….but it’s not “fudge.”

I got the original recipe off the internet (sans the cherry pie filling syrup and the orange extract) so…it isn’t my fault it didn’t set up, right?? Why is everything so sticky around here??!!!

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I hope you have lots of ice cream for you fudge topping.

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@chyna! Ah, shaddup! I made it on a dare, for a staff meeting I have tomorrow! I have to put SOME sort of corporate spin on it, don’t I? “Yes. I meant to do that!” :)

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Take some ice cream and some marachino cherries with you and serve hot fudge sundaes at the staff meeting. Pretend you meant to do it.

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@WestRiverrat Ah!! YES!! They won’t even remember the flurry of emails where I first came up with the idea of “cherry fudge” and they “helped” and….the ex-home-ec teacher who TOLD me just tonight it wouldn’t set up if I did the cherry syrup thing! They won’t remember any of that, if I just act confident enough, like, that was the plan all along!

That’s really a great idea! I’ll have to stop and get ice cream on the way tomorrow! Thank you! Really…heat it up, pour it on…oh! It’ll be good!! :)

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Sounds yummy! But yeah, sound like the consistency changed because of the syrup. Oh well, a new idea emerged and the orange extract sounds like a nice twist! ....sorry, but yeah, if you change the recipe it becomes your fault- or your new invention!

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@Dutchess_III if someone complains…no sundae for them.

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Oh boy, do I know about fudge—thanks to my mother. Chances are, you either didn’t cook it long enough or you didn’t beat it long enough. Mother rarely made that mistake, but when she did, she cursed the pot and then poured it on ice cream.

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@Austinlad…......... Uh…. cook it longer then beat it. OK. I shall be experimenting from now until Christmas (literally). Maybe by Christmas I’ll have the perfect husband! :)

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Sounds like a new recipe to me. Definitely too much liquid, but… who ever complained about ice cream topping?

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Dutchess_III, I should add that my recipe comes from a Hershey’s cocoa box and contains different ingredients (margarine, sugar, vanilla, cocoa). Your fudge recipe sounds entirely different, so my tips might not be relevant.

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So how was the staff meeting?

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@WestRiverrat :) They used spoons! They’re easy!

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