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Can you suggest an e-reader to purchase?

Asked by redhen4 (520points) October 7th, 2010

I looked at a Sony Reader PRS300RC which is under $150. But it is only about 5” tall. It was suggested I buy the one from Barnes & Noble, but they are over $250. When I read a book it is either large print or I take off my glasses to see better-so I’m concerned about the 5” size, but I know you can increase font size; also concerned about the light/dark background interferring with sight.

The program you need on your computer to be able to download books onto the reader-is it safe? I only have internet at the office and need advice before I go and ask if I can.

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If you haven’t looked at a Kindle yet, I would look at those. The Kindle 3 just recently came out, so you can get a Kindle 2 at a really good price (I think around $140). As long as you are in an area where the Kindle can get online, you won’t need to use a computer to get books onto the device, they download directly on it from Amazon. I got a Kindle 2 in August and I love it. The screen is 6” (I believe) and I can adjust the font. Amazon also has a nice selection of classic books for free to download.

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The ones at B&N that I’ve seen are either 149 or 199, depending on whether you want 3g. And they look really freaking nifty.

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