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Why is there a limit of questions?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 8th, 2010

Does Fluther not like people asking questions or something?

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I think it’s a way of attempting to assure quality, but I’m not sure. They also may not want to inundate people with so many questions that no one answers many of them.

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No worries and no hurry there @Drewseph…everyone here has asked that very same question…for better or for worse it seems to work.

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I know, I’m not insulting it, I actually like it. It seems more personal than things like Yahoo! Answers, etc…

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I think it’s more about spam control than anything else. Since the questions don’t go up for approval first, someone could potentially spam the site very easily if there wasn’t the question limit.

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[mod says] The answers above are correct. It’s to encourage people to ask high quality questions, and to protect from spam attacks. Welcome to Fluther! :)

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Because 3 is the magic number, yes it is….:¬)

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@ucme I thought it was 7 or 42…

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…or 11…

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…...or 69!!

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