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Did Barack Obama's recent speech change your opinion of him? If so for the good?

Asked by Kaela (11points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone

Barack Obama’s speech about racism

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I like Obama, even though I would consider myself a Libertarian. His pastor is certainly a racist/bigot, and I think if Obama gets the nomination, his pastor could doom his chances in a general election.

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Absolutely. I thought the speech was insightful and moving and sage and just overall incredible.

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AGHH I i swear im going to kill someone if i see mention of Obamas pastor one more time. God damn GET OVER IT! Seriously it wasnt a big deal. This happened how long ago and people are still mentioning it? When will Americans learn that Wrights views and Obamas views are two entirely separate things. (wright really didnt even say anything that bad. Stop taking things out of context and listen to what he is really saying not how he said it.)

To answer your question Kaela. Obamas speech made me want to go register to vote, just so i could vote for this man. I thought the speech was amazing.

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I thought it was fantastic.. It was the first time in a long time that a politician has talked to us as grown-ups. I already supported him, the speech solidified my support.

I am luckily in the position that I can lose my income for a few months to support his campaign when the GE rolls around.

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I already saw him as a great communicator and inspiring in his speech. It did not change my perception of him and I will not vote for him, but I feel he does have a way of communicating that is very effective. I just don’t happen to believe in his poitics.

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