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When you want to be comfortable and relax you put on your "comfies." What does the word mean to you?

Asked by Aster (19974points) October 9th, 2010

What do you remove that’s not a comfy and what do you change into that you’d call your comfies? For me it’s sweatpants and a RL teeshirt. No; an old Ralph Lauren shirt from the Men’s department! A pullover w/short sleeves.

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Remove bra
Put on fresh knickers
Put on PJ tank top

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The wife’s fwuffy pink puddy cat slippers & my “Big Daddy Bear” thong!! Comfie womfie, ready for anything…....except maybe burglars :¬(

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As soon as I get home from work, I strip off my clothes, and put on soft men’s jammie pants and a clean t-shirt. If it’s chilly at home, I’ll put on a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt, or fleece. My favorite pj pants is a pair of dark blue, soft fuzzy fleece pants. I have a few pair of slippers, but I rarely use them. I prefer soft, warm socks.

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@prolificus Sounds just like me!

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It means being as close to naked as possible, while still being able to walk past my own windows without creepy neighbors seeing me. ^_^

I usually wear a tube dress made from an uber soft green sarong with a Celtic cross.

I’ve had the thing forever, and used to just tie on the sarong, but it started to tear along the fringed edges, so I cut off the ripped parts, sewed up the edge, and added elastic to the top.

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Winter; Sweat pants and long sleeved ratty T.
Summer: Scrub pants and ratty tank top.

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It means ripping off my bra and clothes the minute I walk in the door! lol

My ‘comfies’ are usually a short nighty with jammie bottoms when it’s cooler, and I have the worlds most wonderfully soft bathrobe. Infact, it’s noon now and I am still in my nighty wandering around the yard on this gorgeous day. haha

I also have the snuggliest bathrobe ever, sooo soft!

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“rip off bra.” I keep forgetting that first, most important step in this process !! followed, of course, by the crucial rib scratch.

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I hate bras! Oooh, those young perky breast days when they could go free….lol

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For 44 years, each day, i wore 32 pounds of police gear on my body. my retirement pledge was to wear as little as possible in my home and out in the public. my now wardrobe consists of three articles: a cotton police t-shirt, old gym shorts and a cellphone. top weight: 8 ozs.
You guessed it, i do not even wear my Fruit of the Loom underwear, anymore. 8 oz. vs 32 pounds sounds and feels great.

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Birthday suit.

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Comfy pajama pants and a t-shirt! Bra must come off once I get home as well.

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What I’d really like is a sarong of heavy sandwashed silk charmeuse so I can look elegant at home while eating my Cup ‘O Noodles.

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Another vote for bra removal. I usually leave on my bottoms (if pants i unbutton them) and put on a really soft gray lambswool sweater. slippers on feet, kitty on lap.

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Speaking of kitty on lap (@sliceswiththings), my cuddly puppy lays on my lap, too. Comfy for me, after the above-mentioned strip and redress, involves getting a glass of water or juice (aka Crystal Light lemonade), turning on the tv, scrolling through the DVR, and reclining on the leather sofa (gotta love those dual-reclining couches!).

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Birthday suit! :)

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I would go buck naked except my recliner is leather and I tried the buck naked thing once!! Not pretty trying to peel yourself off of hot leather so it is fleece boxers and a tie dye tank top for me.

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Bra comes off, PJs go on.

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I just bought a really cool faux leather alligator pattern chair for my computer zone.

Yep, short nighty riding up makes for sticky buns this morning. lol

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Quit flirting, C.

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@Deja_vu ok ; you look like my neighbors!

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Brushed cotton PJ bottoms with cats printed on them, an XXL Las Vegas t-shirt and either wool socks or my slippers. If it’s really hot, then seersucker pants and Vegas t-shirt.

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Sounds perfect, TB!!

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Oh my goodness! I forgot about the requisite bra removal and scratching!

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2:09 and STILL in my jammies! Oooh, bliss out mellow Saturday! lol

Not flirting, just the truth! haha

This chair has a much better slide when wearing bottoms. lol

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I like to strip down pretty quickly from my work clothes and put on some comfy black capri’s or loose knit pants with a little white haynes tee shirt or tank top. no shoes!!! flip flops till it is too cold.

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Sports bra and jammies. I have quite a few pairs of jammies at this point, since I don’t care of the idea of just hanging out at home in less comfy clothes that could then get spills on them.

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@Aster That’s not me, it’s just what I like to wear when I get all comfy.

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A soft pair of yoga pant pajama bottoms, Victoria’s Secret super soft hiphuggers and one of my SO’s t-shirts that he’s worn for a while (he smells nice).

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It would be something kind of loose fitting, ie not tight under my arms and not tight around the thigh area when i sit down. So, usually my jammies. :) Otherwise a loose dress that makes me feel like i have nothing on. And if i can’t walk around without shoes for some reason, i’d wear soft comfy slippers.

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I love sun dresses…frees up all the important parts for maximum comfort. lol

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