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What colors make you think "comfort" when it comes to clothing?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) July 20th, 2012

For me, it’s gray. I love finding soft, gray sweatshirts/hoodies and gray yoga pants/pajama pants. For some reason, gray makes me think of storm clouds, and storms soothe me, so I gravitate towards gray things when it comes to comfort.

What color of clothing makes you think of comfort?

Bonus question: Do you think it’s because you associate that color with something else that comforts you?

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White. I guess I tend to associate it with cotton which is usually light and airy and breathable material for the summer especially.
For the winter I tend to think of soft and fluffy things as comfortable, not so much the color.

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Black. Only because I feel like I can hide behind black clothing and no one will notice me. I can’t wear loud clothing. I think it draws people’s attention to me and I don’t like to do that.

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Interesting question. No colors come to mind when it comes to clothing. Texture and material does.

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I like colors and contrasts. I wore white slacks with a blood red shirt today. Then we went to my stepfather’s camp to meet with my newest nephew. He liked the colors

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I thought of an oatmeal colored thermal top I really liked, and sweat pants the same color. I think pinks are comfortable colors to wear, too.

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Gray & denim blue are two soothing clothing colors for me.

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Black leather.

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Soft Earth tone shades that say….nothing. No goofy messages on them, I love being in the mountains and woods and I don’t like looking like I don’t belong there. Even my socks and drawers are subdued. I’m just not a loud person.

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Cotton candy pink comforts me. I adore babies and a soft pink reminds me of them. I love their softness, innocence and how they smell so good.

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Basic black, you can’t go wrong with it.

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Light blue.

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I feel most comfortable in clear primary colors and tints thereof. They make me feel cozy and confident at the same time. If I had to choose just one, it would be red. or pink or blue or light green

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Gray here too. Besides, I like white and some bright, but not too much, colored clothes.

Apart from color, I pick clothes based on feeling of the cloth / linen. I like soft materials.

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Greens and browns, but mostly greens. That’s my favorite color combination, so points for familiarity.
I don’t usually think of comfort in terms of color, though; it’s more about texture. Rough-woven fabrics (like those pseudo-Indian blankets that they sell at truck stops), the inside-of-the-sweatpants stuff, and worn denim, especially if they favorably alter the local temperature.

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mint green <3

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Black. Because black = night, dreams, imaginary worlds

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Pastels, pale pink, blue or yellow; soft colors, soft fabrics.

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Definitely black. I don’t know why but it’s always been the colour I have felt the most comfortable and attractive wearing whether it’s jeans a leather jacket for a night out or a comfy tshirt and sweats for a night in.

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Make that my blue and green plaid short, shorts and my green Guinness t-shirt. It actually doesn’t look all that bad and it’s cooom-FY!

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I like earth tones. Because you don’t have to worry about matching!

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I’ve never thought about this before but the first thing that comes to mind when I think of comfy clothing is grey sweatpants and sweatshirt. So I guess my comfy colour must be grey.

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Chocolatey brown. I have a bunch of chocolate brown capris/cargo pants and some choclate brown T-shirts. Always makes me think of camping or gardening.

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Yellow, because it makes me think of my spongebob slipp….....oh shit!!

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Black makes me feel comfortable. But I’m experimenting a lot these days.

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Gray, absolutely. I am also drawn to soft pink and sometimes navy blue as comforting colors.

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@Supacase I too love the soft pink, and the combo of that with my chocolate brown : )

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@Kardamom Oh, yes! I forgot about dark brown with soft pink. I love that combo.

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@WillWorkForChocolate One of my relatives used those colors in her baby’s room. It looked marvelous. It also makes me think of chocolate and strawberry ice cream, if you just add the pastel green, you get spumoni!

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Great, now I’m hungry. I hope you’re happy. :D

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And yet another thread is derailed in favor of food! Woot Woot!

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Khaki, I love khaki, it too goes with any other color (except more khaki). But I do love gray heather sweats and t shirts too, hard to decide which is my absolute favorite.

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@Kardamom I wear pink and brown together a lot. There is a pink tank I wear with a very casual brown dress that is one of my favorite comfortable (and still appropriate for public) outfits.

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